Monday, August 18, 2008

A Clogging Picnic

Today is Monday and I haven't been able to post due to lack of signal for the Sprint aircard. We sit it a valley here next to the Grand River at Wayne's house, so the signal is faint and wavering. We're going to do some shopping today so I'll try and post several days when we're in town.

Saturday we were up at our usual 8:30 and Linda cooked breakfast for us all. Then the girls went shopping for some things for a Cloggers Picnic that Colleen puts on each year. Wayne & I did some things around the house and ran to town. In the afternoon we took a drive to Port Dover to have Dinner at the Erie Beach Hotel and Restaurant . Wayne had taken us here on our last visit and we couldn't wait to go back and sample some more Lake Erie Perch. They serve fish fillets that are 5-6" long at the most and a sweeter fish I have never eaten, It was delicious. After dinner we took a walk around the beachfront. You wouldn't believe it but they have Palm trees planted on the beach.



Here are the girls standing next to one on Lake Erie Beach. Colleen says they dig them up in the winter, maybe they're 'Snowbird' palm trees and they send them to Florida in the winter.




We then took a walk on the Pier.





And had to to get a group shot of the four of us.




Sunday we went out for breakfast and then came back to prepare for the picnic. Everyone brought a dish and there was more than enough food to go around. 100_4373


The group even did some clogging routines before we all sat down to eat.



Thyra and Duane, Wayne's son & daughter-in-law, did the cookin'. It was great! After dinner the group broke up and we cleaned up and were all a little tired so it was off to bed for us.


Monday woke up to find this gang in the yard down by the river. They're here everyday and they're pretty but do they make a mess!


Well we're off to do some shopping in town.

Maybe we'll see ya' down the road as we're

Dancin' on the Wind.

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