Thursday, October 8, 2009

Goodbye Maryville

After leaving Spring City we ventured east for our next stop in Maryville, TN. We arrived at Amy & Randy’s house around 3 in the afternoon and pulled in the drive. We have not seen Randy in a year but Amy came over the mountain to Bryson City in July. Amy met us at the door and we had hugs all around. Randy was still at work so we visited and she showed us all the changes from remodeling since our last visit. Their house is beautiful and becomin’ more so everyday. Randy arrived home and we all sat down to a dinner Amy had prepared. After eatin’ we all sat down to some serious visitin’ then turned in fer the night.


Monday Randy started in removin’ paneling that he’s replacin’ with drywall in their dining room and kitchen. I figured to lend a hand so he gave me the task of changin’ out the duplex outlets all around the countertop. We did various other little jobs in preparation of drywall. Dinner was spaghetti with meat sauce and Italian sausage by Linda. She also made garlic bread with fresh squeezed garlic, Mmmm… good. After dinner we watched Green Bay battle Minnesota, Amy & Randy are from Wisconsin, so I guess you could say they were Packers fans. Sorry.

Tuesday they took us up to Look Rock Tower, not far from the house. We never cease to be amazed at the the mew sites we find in areas we spent a lot of time. The leaves are just beginnin’ to change here.


Linda & Amy at the base of the tower


Almost at the top


Here’s the view from the top


Another view

While we were up in the tower the clouds started to roll over us, it was kind of spooky.


After visiting the tower, I asked Randy if we could look at the campground that we spied on the way up to the tower. We’re always lookin’ fer a new place to set for a few days. As we’re rollin’ thru the campground, after a much needed restroom break, we come upon this guy slurpin’ up acorns.


Cute yearlin’ bear


Took this from about 80 feet

Ordinarily I wouldn’t get anywhere this close, out of respect for the bear, but this one never paid much attention to Randy & I. He was focused on eatin’ those acorns and fatten’ up for hibernation.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Hope to see ya down the road, as we’re

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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