Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm not slidin' I think I've Crashed!!

It's been a rough couple o' last few days. Tuesday started with me being woke up at 5:30am for an immediate call from nature, like right now. My illness seemed to be progressin' rapidly, in the wrong direction. For the next 12 hours I had 8 more 'restroom calls', to put it polite terms. Shortly after a light lunch of cheese & crackers, milk and some Mandarin oranges I started gettin' terrible pain in my upper abdomen. Not cramps that came and went, this was constant pressure pushing up under my sternum. Kind O' scary. But no fever, no achy feelin' anywhere else. Now with all the hype about H1N1 flu I'm gettin' worried. To add to this around 4:30pm, it starts comin' out the other end too.

Now I'm in the bathroom of a truck camper, goin' at both ends, at least I couldn't fall over as weak as I was feelin'. We started for the local hospital once, but after a bathroom bout I felt a little better. Then things went right downhill again. So I told Linda she had to take me to the Emergency Room, I know she was worried.

Now I don't normally run to seek medical attention and I think generally Linda & I are healthy. Well I was doubled up with pain fer 4-5 hours with no letup, so I needed to see someone. We arrived at the Ocean Springs Hospital at around 6pm, which just happens to lie across the road from the park entrance we're stayin at. Thank goodness it was a slow night. I were seen, taken back to a treatment room, given an IV, pain medication and had a EKG in 30 minutes. Then after blood and 'other' samples, we waited fer results. Well the EKG was fine, that's good, and as my pain is subsidin' a bit I fall asleep. I don't think I slept very long but when you're in pain like that you don't have a real grasp o' time.

While the Doc is lookin' at the test results and tryin' to make up his mind about admittin' this ole beaver, my pain is comin' on strong again. He finally comes back in to tell us everything looks good and their gonna send me home. But first their gonna give me some Morphine fer pain, another pain med that works on the abdominal area and a couple of Rx fer abdominal pain and nausea. All he come up with is that there is a bad abdominal virus gonin' around and that's probably what I have. They gave me the Mophine and I started to feel better over the next 20 minutes. Now I have had experience with Morphine when I had chest surgery 30 years ago. This stuff was a lot more mellow as it didn't hit me like a wave of silly, happy, pass out right now drug. I was discharged around 10pm and Linda had to drive to a neighboring town to find a Drug store open to get my Rx filled. I rode along feelin' pretty pain free, but exhausted from the days doin's. I thought about havin' her take me home first, but I didn't want her to have to drive there alone. We returned around 12am and we went right to bed.

I slept all night and awoke to feel much, much better. I had a lite breakfast, don't want to incur the wrath of the virus bugs. I was feelin' pretty washed out so we didn't do too much today and by dinner I'm feelin' like a new man, considerin' where I was yesterday. I did take a looong shower and enjoyed the hot water and steam of this nice campground.

One good thing to come out of this, if anything could be considered good? I think whatever I had has blasted the head cold out of me, as that part is feelin' much better also.

Early tomorrow it's supposed to start rainin' fer a few days so we're gonna head out. I loaded the Lance this evening and stowed all our 'outdoor stuff', so we wouldn't have to work in the rain tomorrow.


Here's a shot of our site

Notice: I was talkin' with the ranger this afternoon and she told me that the Fort Pickens Campground in the Florida branch of the park has opened 160 water & electric sites for use. The website states that all the sites are primative with no water even on the park site. This area of the park was hit really bad by Hurricane Ivan as it washed out everything includin' the highway to get there. After the road was finally finished they had issues with the bird breedin' season followed by turtle hatchin' season. So this is a big breakthrough fer us campers. This is only one loop so more sites are to be brought on line soon. At this time it's still, first come, first serve with no reservations till maybe 2010. Here is the link that tells about the new loop opening, Fort Pickens Campground.

Well that's all I can muster fer now. Hope to see ya down the road as we're;

Dancin' on the Wind.

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