Sunday, October 4, 2009

On the move again

We visited with our dear friends Margie & Odean at their home on Watts Bar Lake in TN. We arrived on Wednesday just in time fer supper. This is the second time we’ve been to their place in as many years. We met back in ‘05 at a campground in FL where we hung out fer the winter, 60 miles from home.




The view of the lake from the house







That’s us in the back thar!




After settin’ up we ate then set around palaverin’ fer hours. Then it was time to turn in fer the night. Linda & I retreated to the camper and I surfed the net fer a while. A couple o’ fellow travelers that I follow have had a rough time of late. Howard and Linda Payne of RV-Dreams have had a time with a wheel/axle/brake for the last week. Fixed once, nope, fixed twice, nope, fixed again finally. They just finished a summer workcampin’ stint and are on their way to host their own rally in TX when all heck broke loose for them. Now that y’all are on your way again I’m keepin’ my fingers crossed for ya.

Well Thursday we were up ate breakfast and were off to my favorite used bookstore. The Book Cellar in Crossville, TN is has a great western section, bigger than any I ever seen in a used bookstore, and being a western fiction & fictional history buff I take full advantage. They have a great exchange program where they will give you credit for books brought in at half the value they can resell it for. In other words, exchange two for one on most books, good deal.

Then it was back home for the girls to fix supper and another quiet night at home.

Friday Margie took us to a flea market, no new fleas needed here. For supper we decided to go out for fish. Shoney’s was the choice of our friends and we all opted for the buffet. We were skeptical but it was very good, especially the fish. Then it was back home for some more R&R.

Saturday the girls whipped up an apple pie, blueberry pie, pulled pork barbeque and sliced tomato’s with oil & pesto. We were off to another family reunion. We’ve had a passel o’ them this summer and only two were our family. We drove to Odean’s sister’s and spent the afternoon eatin’ up a frenzy. They had a turkey, two hams, meatloaf all kinds o’ salads and veggie’s as well as the vittles we brought. When the desserts surfaced I was so… full but there was a peanut butter pie that kept callin’ to me so I gave in. We returned home in the evening to talk & visit, cause we’re movin’ on in the morning.




Good Bye Margie & Odean




Thank You Margie & Odean, your very special people and we hold you close to our hearts.

That’s all for now. Hope to see ya down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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