Monday, October 12, 2009

Life in the Mountains

Today is Monday and we are headed across the mountain thru the park.
The weather has been up & down. Friday was OK, I worked cleanin’ up branches and hulls from the chestnut trees and burnin’ em. Friday night we had tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings, all we got was some rain , thank goodness.
Saturday started as a rainy day, but cleared off around noon so we went to the local flea markets. A lady Linda worked for many years ago has had a booth here for many years so we visited a little, but she was closin’. We told her we’d come back and see her Sunday. Went home for dinner then some TV and internet. My air card doesn’t seem to work real well here even with the antenna. One minute I have 60% the next 10% signal and there’s a tower right down the road 3/4 mile, if that. I am workin’ off a Verizon network I think but I don’t know why signal varies so much, “Give me Sprint 3G” anytime.
Sunday was a nice day so we went back to the market to see Marret, the woman who owned the beauty shop Linda worked at shortly after we got married. Boy is that ancient history. Linda bought a pair of sunglasses she looked at Saturday. We then stopped at the Harrahs Casino in Cherokee to see if they had any Promo’s goin’ on, No luck. We headed home from there, had some dinner and another excitin’ night of TV watchin’.
As I said we’re goin’ over to Pigeon Forge to shop for unmentionables fer the wife, at Jockey and stop at the Coleman campin’ outlet store. It’s another rainy day so we figured we might as well do this as sit at home. The clouds are on the ground in the higher elevations today but the leaves are showin’ their best colors up there too.
This is Newfound Gap, where we ate dinner the other night
Made it to the ‘Unmentionables’ store and got more than what we came fer. I even got some new jeans and we ate dinner at Applebees, yum…. We also perused the Coleman Camping store and purchased 2 pie irons for makin’ mountain pies. Fueled up at 2.49/gal in Pigeon Forge then headed across the mountain fer home. The fog was lots worse on our return trip tonight.
Well that’s all the excitin’ news fer today. Hope to see ya down the road as we’re;

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