Saturday, October 24, 2009

Movin’ On, an On, an On

We left Mississippi headin’ east for Foley, AL. Today would be a short travel day, mileage-wise, about 85 miles. We’re headed there cause, you-know-who, thinks we should go eat at Lambert’s Cafe. I still don’t feel a hundred percent but I’m not gonna throw a wet blanket on her idea. Lambert’s is the ‘Home of the ‘Throw’ed Rolls’ and the food is quite good. We visited here for the first time last winter after we froze down the Natchez Trace Parkway. You get a goodly amount fer your money and they’s always the ‘pass-arounds’ as well. The ‘pass-arounds are vittles they bring by your table in big stainless pots, servin’ ya if ya want some. This visit they had fried okra, macaroni & tomatoes, black eyed peas, steamed cabbage and the best fried potatoes with onions I have ever eaten, along with all the rolls ya can catch with apple butter and sorgum syrup . Both Linda & I don’t care fer’ okra, but we got to admit the Lambert’s do somein’ to turn even that dish into somethin’ special. Linda had the Chicken Fried Steak at $11.95 and I had Chicken Wings fer $10.95. Sound too high, or just about right. Let’s just say we totted home more leftovers than we had room fer. The Chicken Fried Steak that Linda had left we cut in half to get it in a quart storage bag. Should call it ‘Showshoe Chicken Fried Steak’, we had the leftovers fer supper next night.

Before we did our ‘Dine Out’, we got us a spot fer the night at Bluegrass RV Park in Foley. Passport park, all full hookups, pull-throughs, $10/nite. Nice park, all grass, had some pricey rigs parked around. After Lambert’s we repacked everything so as to squeeze it in the fridge, then we went off to the shower. Then it was TV and lights out fer us.

Durin’ the night that storm started rainin’ on us. Everytime you were woke up from the rain it would stop, then wait a while, then start again to wake ya. Along with the rain the wind was gustin’ pretty good and rockin’ the camper right good. Along around 5 when everythin’ was mellow, the rains really let go. Ya can sure tell you’re back in the south again.

Friday mornin’ we left out headin’ easterly. Our destination today? Easterly! We took US 98 through Pensacola, balked at staying at Big Lagoon State Park, as it was just 10:30 when we passed it. Stopped at another State park along the beach, it was full, telephoned two more State Parks along the beach, there full. Next stop, Topsail Hill State Preserve, looked a lot like a country club goin’ in. Price was $42/nite +tx, at a State park, not in this decade, fer these folks. Down the road we go. This is gettin’ monotonous. Next stop is Grayson Beach State Park, they have one site in the old campground & several in the new one. Soo….. next question, “What is the difference between the two?” Turns out the ‘Old’ one was built in 1968, has water & electric at $24/day, the “Brand New’ one is full hookup at $30/day. “Can we look at what’s available?” The ‘Old’ was wooded, with vegetation buffers tween the sites. The ‘New’ had wide open spaces, fer todays mega coaches. big gravel pads and paved roads. Guess which one we chose? Here’s our site.


The site backed up on the water and by walkin’ down a little trail we had our own ‘Little’ beach.


Across the ‘lake’, you can see the high dunes of the beach.

We ventured over to the beach but didn’t stay too long as we were still on the edge of the ‘Front’ and the wind was blowin’ purty stiff, whippin up the Gulf waters. We’ve been down south further on the Gulf on stormy days but have never seen it as angry as it has been the last few days.


Linda was havin’ fun with the Seagulls

We had the ‘Left-Overs’ fer dinner, relaxed with some TV, I read, Linda, well, let’s just say she relaxed.

That’s all fer this leg of our trip. We’ll see what the future brings us. Hope to see ya down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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