Sunday, May 9, 2010

Axe Men continued?

We are still cutting and burnin’. We still have a bit to do and the weather has gotten hot over the last three days, 88 this afternoon. It wears us out prematurely during the day and we’ve been gettin’ up early so we can get some work done before the sun gets the temps real hot.
This is what the creek looked like when we started.
This is what it’s shaped up to be.

This morning is Mothers Day, temp was 36 degrees at 7:30 this morning. I had to work with a jacket this AM, It goes from one extreme to another, don’t know weather to dress in my BVD’s or my ‘Long-handles’ till you stick you’re nose out the door.
I’m about sick of cuttin’ & burnin’. I NEED A VACATION !!!!!!
Yesterday Linda & I drove to Waynesville to check out a Mexican restaurant that had just what we’ve been lookin’ for, a BUFFET. We never know what to order when Mexican is offered so we’ve been lookin’ fer a buffet, so we can sample and find out what we like. The Buffet was a joke and we didn’t stay ‘dos minutos’ and we were out the door. We instead decided on Ryan’s Steakhouse, a more traditional buffet. We decided to go Saturday instead of Sunday to beat the crowds, it worked, except there was Graduation exercises at Western Carolina University in town & there were folks celebratin’.
Well I think I’m gonna ride my recliner fer’ a spell an’ check my eyelids fer’ leaks.
Hope to see ya down the road as we’re;

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