Sunday, May 2, 2010

We’re sittin’ in high clover, or somethin’

We got up this mornin’ achin’ & moanin’ from the ‘Fun’ we’ve had so far here. After breakfast & puttin’ together somethin’ fer’ lunch we headed for Standing Indian. Linda and I both love leeks or ramps as they’re called here. We’ve tried to purchase some and luckily every produce stand we ask at they are out. I say luckily cause they get $3 for a few ramps in a sandwich bag.

When we arrived at the camp in Nantahala National Forest, we paid our Day Use fee and spoke to the camp host, then we were off to the woods. Neither one of us knew if the trip would be a wash and we would find nothing. Well guess what?



We checked a couple o’ plants before we found what we were lookin’ for. Ramps are like a cross between a green onion and a garlic, pretty strong. We picked & dug until we had what we figured we’re enough. On the way back down the mountain trail I snapped several pictures of wildflowers, since Mother Nature has things poppin’.


100_7682 100_7683  100_7685

This is the area were we were diggiin’. No one can deny that this is ‘God’s Country’.


We’ve been lookin’ to maybe re-do some o’ the plumbing at the house here in the mountains. But we’re havin’ trouble choosin’ which model to go with.


One o’ these three or,

100_7699This one.

Well Linda has cleaned us some ‘Ramps’ so we’re gonna have some supper.

Hope to see ya down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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