Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blue Bend Camp

Hi! Were sittin’ in a USFS camp outside White Sulphur Springs, WV, near Lewisburg off I-64. We had enough of VA so we decided to come on over to WV. We have visited here before in 2008 for an month. The economical camping opportunities are abundant here. On the way over on I-64 we made one last stop in VA at the Humpback Bridge. I can’t remember the exit number but it is well marked on the interstate. At the site of the bridge they have a lovely wayside park with picnic tables & grills, all along a bold creek.


I guess it was designed with the arch to be self supporting over the span of the water. It was constructed of hand hewn timbers in 1835 and reconditioned in 1953. Other than the Graffitti it’s still in surprising shape.


Big enough to accommodate the largest wagons

We also stopped for fuel before we crossed into WV. Really small town grocery/convenience and I thought I’d be paying a premium price. Surprised was I, $2.79/gal for diesel.

We ventured on the few miles to WV & White Sulphur Springs where we turned north a short drive on our way to Blue Bend Camp. There are no hookups but they have showers & flush toilets and $10/night. After settin’ up we sat down to relax fer’ a spell before it was time to fix dinner. We decided to relax here for two days. It’s a quiet camp on a beautiful creek stocked with trout every week. The ‘Blue Bend’ is cause the creek has a large bend, with a deep blue water pool that the highway and the camp wrap around.


Here’s the ‘Queen’ relaxifyin’.

The camphost here came by askin’ about our truck camper. Seems he and his Mrs. have a Palomino truck Camper and they love it but it was to small to live in while they ‘Host’ so they bought a travel trailer to use while they’re here. B’sides they needed room fer the grand youngins’. Both John & Linda the ‘Hosts’ came back in the afternoon of our second day to visit some more. We had a great visit and John offered us some firewood for the evening. At first I turned him down, then I decided to take him up on it and he delivered the wood before they left for a ‘Pot Luck’ all the hosts in this forest district were havin’.  We had our fire and made an early night and showered at 9PM, instead of our normally later 11PM. We ran out of hot water and decided we should stick to our late schedule long after everyone has showered.

Today is Monday and we’re headin’ out this morning for parts unknown.

Got a little writers block so I’m gonna go fer now.

By the way I haven’t posted fer a few days cause there is ‘NO’ signal here, no TV, no nuthin’. I believe we’re under what I call  the ‘Dome of Silence’. See there’s a National Radio Telescope facility up the road about 50 miles and there are not any transmissions in that area. We visited here on September 21, 2008 and I did a blog entry after that visit, when we got back to civilization.

Hope to see ya down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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