Sunday, May 23, 2010

Last of Virginia, We’re Cheap!!

Since our last post we have traveled leisurely northward through Virginia. We stopped for the night at a Forest Service campground named Bark Lake Camp after we left Cumberland Gap N.H.P. I kinda wish we’d discovered that later in our trip, cause now we’re comparin’ everything to that and sayin’ “We shoulda’ stayed at Cumberland Gap longer, It was great”. Oh well gotta move on.

Bark Lake had 30 amp electric, restrooms, showers and a dump station, as well as a day use area with picnic tables, grills and a pier and boat dock. The fee was $12 for a site + $5 for electric. FIVE DOLLARS for a little electric, we’re not drivin’ a 40’ diesel pusher. Besides you couldn’t get anything like that near this little camp out in the middle of nowhere. It was nice but didn’t compare with “You know where”. We talked with the ‘Camphost’ and her son, Sam, for awhile when arriving. Then he came down later and we talked some more. Then it was time for the season finale of ‘Gray’s Anatomy’. What an edge of the seat show, we kept saying WOW.

Up on Friday, had breakfast, got ready to roll and then took a shower before we pulled out. Later in the day we stopped at "’Wally World” in Princeton, VA and bought a new clock. This will replace the one on the wall that I have tried to silence the ‘TIC-TIC-TIC’ that seems deafening when your ‘Boondocked’ and have no fan or A/C. I carried a AA battery into the store and tested this one. I can’t hear it so it’s good fer me. after our fulfilling purchase we were faced with ‘The Outback’ at the front of the parking lot, so we caved in and had a great dinner of ‘Alice Springs Chicken and Baby Back Ribs’. It didn’t hurt so bad cause my Mom gave us a gift card for our anniversary before we left home, Thanks again Mom. So we applied that to most of it and we still have $10 left plus $18 from a gift card from Xmas 2008, I see another dinner in our future.

When dinner was done I opted for a nap but I was voted down and we went down the road further. We were headed for another FS camp called “White Rocks’ but decided to stay at ‘Wally World’ in Pearisburg instead. This was the quietest WalMart we have ever encountered in all our years of travel. There was no trucks pulling in during the night with their KA-SISSS of airbrakes, no sweeper during the night, no locals showing off for the girls with their cars and trucks. It was so…. quiet that I didn’t sleep very well. I guess not havin’ power to run the fan or A/C I missed the noise. I’m gonna’ have to work on comin’ up with a 12v fan or such to make noise when we ‘Boodock’. A little breeze wouldn’t hurt either sometimes.

Saturday dawned and we were going to go to Shenandoah N.P. We started heading in that direction and were going to stop for lunch at ‘Natural Bridge’ but they wanted an astounding $18 each to see it. Pooh on that!! I can see all the natural bridges, arches or what ever you want to call them for free lots of other places. During lunch I started thinking, “If Virginia wants to charge for every little site, does this National Park have a entrance fee”? Sure does, $15 then were gonna’ spend $17 for a ‘NO’ hookup camp, for one night? Nah…. We’ll do that after we get the Golden Age pass. Then the entrance fee is waived, the campground is half price, gettin’ real frugal aint’ I? Well there aint any ‘Stimulus Dollars’ comin’ my way.

No pictures today except these two scenery pics. In the first one, my sweeties holdin’ down the railin’ and the second one is the beautiful scenery behind her.



That’s all fer this episode, stay tuned fer the next one. In the meantime, hope to see ya down the road as were;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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