Friday, May 14, 2010

Visitin’ & Time to move on

We followed Sam to his Dad’s house the other day and had us a long-a-waited visit. Most every time we’re up here we ask around lookin’ fer Gary to no avail. When we arrived Gary was settin’ on the porch waitin’ on us. We visited, got the nickel tour of his home and property. He is located in a ‘holler’ with a small creek runnin’ through the middle of his property. Gary & Sam had been cuttin’ just like us and was waitin’ fer a local fella to come and burn a big brush pile he had cut about a month ago. Gary had gotten a burn permit just that morning and when the guy he was expectin’ came by we had us a heck of a bonfire. We continued to talk and laugh into the early afternoon. We wrapped up our visit and said our goodbyes. But we know where you are now and we’ll be back soon. Great seein’ ya’ again Gary.


Sam, Gary & Me

Our time here has come to an end for now. Gary & Jean are comin’ up tomorrow so we’re movin’ on.


We’ll head over the mountains to our friends Randy & Amy’s place in TN. They bought a new camper last fall and have never used it yet, so we’re going on their ‘maiden voyage’ with them. Their new camper was already winterized when they picked it up late in the season and Randy didn’t want to flush it out and have to turn around and winterize it again. The ‘Plan’ is we’re off to Norris Dam State Park on Sunday fer a few days.

Linda & I were in town today and decided to ‘Go for It’ and have lunch at our local Mexican restaurant, “Guayabitos”. We didn’t know exactly what to order, but we’ve wondered about eating here for years. Well I ordered Chori Pollo, which is chicken strips grilled with Mexican sausage, poblano peppers and mushrooms. It was served with Mexican rice and refried beans. Linda had Chicken Quesadilla Rellena with Mexican rice. Both our lunches were very good but mine was simply outstanding, delicious, scrumptious, anyway it was dang good. We won’t hesitate to come back again. I told the waiter that I saw a problem with my lunch, it was so tasty that I fear I won’t order anything else when I do make a return trip. We came away feelin’ ‘fat as ticks’ and lookin’ fer a nap. When we got back home I went to loadin’ the camper, some of us might have sneaked in a little shuteye while that was happenin’. We’re all packed and ready to roll tomorrow sometime, so I’ll go for now.

Hope to see ya down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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