Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jackpot? Naa…!

We left Titusville and headed south in a round about way due to a detour. We were passin’ through Franklin and I said let’s stop and say goodbye to Diane & Denny, just take a few minutes right? Naa… Dennis was there but Diane wasn’t yet and Denny called to find out she was 15 minutes away.  Ok so we can wait 15 minutes. We walked over from the office to the store to have a cup of coffee while we wait. When Diane arrived they asked us to have lunch with them. After some arm twistin’ we agreed. We had some pasta, mine with meatballs and sausage. Diane also ordered enough wings so we could all share. We have also had pizza from one of their other stores about a month ago with them and Linda & I stopped one morning for a breakfast sandwich at a third store. All the food was all surprisingly excellent for a convenience store and I would have to recommend Red Express for a quick delicious bite to anyone.

After lunch we said our goodbyes and were on our way again. Someone decided we needed a new route so we headed west to OH. Stopping at a Flying J just inside OH we fueled up, dumped the tanks, filled the LP tank and added some air to one tire that seemed a little low. I always like Flying J for a propane fill cause they charge by the gallon. So many places now are charging by the size of the tank, no matter how full or empty it is. Just another rip-off!

We then headed south on US11 towards WV. When we reached Wheeling we stopped for the night at Wheeling Racetrack & Casino. After we split a sub from Subway we decided to check out the casino. Most casinos offer some sort of promotional deal if you sign up for a ‘Players Club Card’. Well we signed up and got $10 in free slot money, then started to peruse the casino. We stopped to watch a woman playing, then asked her a question, next thing we were just gabbin’ away. While the girls were gabbin’ I was gettin’ bored so I put my card in the penny machine in front of me and started to play. after gettin’ down to about $1.50 I hit for a decent amount, then hit for a good amount, I cashed out with almost $17. Linda sat at the machine the lady vacated and started to play after losing pretty steady she hit good and she cashed out with almost $11, so together we walked with about $28. Not bad for a stop for some free play. After we cashed out we walked around a little, checked out the dog track and bought a Power Ball ticket each with our winnings. Then we left and returned to the camper for the night.

Tuesday found us headed west then south, then west again. We stopped in Charleston,WV at another casino. This time they had no promotion going so we looked around and left. We stopped at what I call the ‘Feed Bag’, better known to Y’all as the Golden Corral. I call it the ‘Feed Bag’ cause after eatin’ there I feel like I’ve been fattened up fer slaughter. We spent some more of our winnings so lunch was on Wheeling. Then we were on the road again.

Tonight we’re stayin’ at a Passport America park for $12, full hook-up, called Walnut Meadow RV. The folks here seem very friendly and eager to please. The park is fine for an overnighter stop, we’ve stayed in a lot worse for a lot more money.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings for us. Hope to see ya down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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