Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sanbourn Grange Picnic

Howdy! We made it to the Grange!




Left to right that’s Linda & Bud, our Lance, And Bud’s sister’s camper



After settin’ up camp we went for a ride so Bud could show us his old haunts as a kid growin’ up. We drove by the lane where his homestead was. He showed us were he went to school. We went all over the area, then it was time to meet  Bud’s Brother-in-law, Lou for dinner. We had decided to eat at Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub, another stop on the Triple D Tour. Linda had seen it on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives on the Food network and y’all know how she is when it comes to that. The place is known for their burgers, 2, 3, 5, 7, 15 pound, and even much bigger. They have Burger Challenge where ya eat a burger in the allotted time ya get it free. None of us were up for that! Linda & Lou did have a burger while Bud, Linda and I had a fish dinner. Everyone’s Dinner was excellent as opposed to the last time we visited a stop on the ‘Triple D Tour’.

We all sat by the fire for the evening and then called it a day.

Saturday was the Picnic and people started rollin' in early, to do the preparations. Linda#2 was wonrdein' if we got the right weekend, cause they normally see a lot more activity on Friday. Well we figured if it was there was no picnic, we'd just have our own. I went down around 12:30 and purchased some tickets for us. We had been expectin' rain all day and as soon as we all went into the building to eat, the sky opened up. Then just as we finished dinner it stopped, lucky us. They served turkey or pork with all the fixin's, includin' many varieties of pie. It was Gooooooood. After dinner we went down to one of the open pavilions to talk. In the other pavilion they were playin' Bingo & my gal headed over there to contribute some money and she did.

We all straggled back to our camp after a while and sat, you guessed it, sat around the campfire.

Sunday the guys hung around camp while the gals went to town fer vittles. Just a day hangin' around camp fer me. The night was spent..........




Sittin' Around the Campfire




Oh yeah we had a visitor to come to camp. If ya look in the picture above, on my chair you'll see a little white kitten that came a callin'. She wasn't skittish at all and came right over when called.

The four of us went for a ride Monday around the area, just sorta 'Site See'in'. We stopped in the little town of Coalport at the Five & Dime where I picked up a brochure on local sites. Our next stop was the Coal Museum in town. Quite terrific, mining tools, pictures, maps, lots & lots of information on the industry that forged the town. On the way back to camp we picked up some fresh corn fer dinner. The corn was roasted on the open fire at camp. Dinner was delicious then it was back to the campfire for the night.

Tuesday we broke camp and said our goodbyes to each other, we'll see Bud & Linda when we get home in November.

Goodbye Good Friends.

Now we are headed towards Canada and they are headed back to NY for a while before headin' home to FL.

Well we'll see what the next leg of our journey brings. Until then we hope to see ya down the road as we're,

Dancin' on the Wind.

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