Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Our Visit Comes to an End

After our “Eatin’ Frenzy” campin’ trip with Diane & Denny we are back at Bonnie’s for a few days. We have some last minute rush visitin’ to try and get done. Linda has a couple o’ girlfriends from her high school days we want to try to hookup with. When we got ‘home’ to Bonnie’s,  Scott’s sister, Sheila, that Linda went to school with back in the day, was visiting with her husband Al. Bonnie had made a wonderful beef stew dinner and after dinner the girls visited, laughed and slashed and cut up on many of their school mates. They were joined by another girlfriend Rosemary around 8 and just kept at it until it was time to retire for the night. Before they broke up Linda & Rosemary made a lunch date for the following day.




Left to right, Linda, Sheila & Rosemary




Monday, Sheila & Al were headed back home to Michigan, but first they invited us to join them and Bonnie for breakfast. After our weekend “Eatin’ Frenzy” we decided to decline they’re invite and have coffee & toast at home. We’re just to full from the campin’.

Before noon we headed up to Wally world to get an oil change on the truck. We were meetin’ for lunch but we had time to drop it off and it would be all finished when we returned from lunch. We then moseyed on over to Bob Evans for lunch. Rosemary, her husband Don and Bonnie were waitin’ fer us. We had a nice lunch, stuffed again, and a nice visit with Rose & Don. When we left to return to pickup the truck, it wasn’t done, they didn’t even start. Seems they forgot to have me sign some wavier, so they never touched it. So we wait! When we were finally done we left and went to visit Aunt Mary, Bonnie’s mom, for a while. When we returned to home, to Bonnie’s she wanted to know “Where have you been?” I said,”We were visitin’ your Mommy”. She couldn’t say any more. Dinner was next to nuthin’ cause we were all still stuffed!

In the evening Linda went out with Rosemary to visit Rosemary’s mother for a little while, I got to rest.

Tuesday we were scheduled to see Aunt Doris, who was takin’ us to a little country church Linda used to attend when she was just a little shaver. Well the visit took the whole day. We chewed the fat for two and a half hours, then went to the church, then they took us to lunch at a little restaurant called Montana’s. Lunch was delicious. Linda & I both ordered what we thought was an opened face sandwich, since it was two o’clock already,Ha-ha,. Mine came on two pieces of thick cut sourdough and hers on big rye. Boy are we stuffed again, and we have a dinner invite fer 6PM. We got back to Bonnie’s just in time to change clothes and leave for our dinner date.




The Little Church








Cousin Ron, Aunt Doris, Linda and Doris’ sister Beverly




We met Rose and Craig at a little Italian restaurant, in Oil City, we had eaten at with them on a previous trip. We tried to eat lite, no luck, I feel like curlin’ up like one o’ them rolly-polly bugs. We had a great time and closed the restaurant. Thanks fer’ the great meal and company Rose & Craig. We’ll see ya next trip, unless y’all can make it to FL in the meantime.

Wednesday we loaded the camper on the truck for we are departin’ for Don & Jessie’s before we start our slow trek southward. They been havin’ some heavy rain compliments o’ Mother Nature, in the south so I’ll  have to do some research afore we go runnin’ to far south.

Well that’s all fer now. Hope to see ya down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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