Monday, September 14, 2009

Back in the good ole’ USA

We’re back in the State’s. We did stop at Duty Free to look for some Woody’s pink grapefruit, my new favorite ‘Girlie Beer’. They had some in 4 packs but they were 10 or 12 oz. bottles for $8.99. A little too rich fer this fella! I’ll try to find it when we get back home.





Yummie Stuff!





We traveled to our niece’s house in Holland, NY where we will sit for three days or so and visit with them. We timed this visit just right cause Gloria, who normally works Saturdays, was off this week so we spent the day with her, Fred was workin’ on one of the many local farms.

The next three days were spent just visitin’, eatin’ and unwindin’, although the girls did go shoppin’ a couple ‘o’ times. Seems Gloria wants to redo her kitchen and Aunt Linda was the perfect sounding board/advisor. They even got me involved in strippin’ wallpaper off the kitchen one day.

When we were here a few weeks ago  Gloria’s horse Ben was not gettin’ around to good and this visit he had regressed further to the point Gloria had to have him put down. She was pretty upset about that and Linda consoled her as much as possible.Strange how things seem to work sometime in the fact that we were here but left only to return at a time when we were needed here.

All in all we had a great visit. Thank you Gloria & Fred. We wish we weren't so far so we could visit more often.

Next stop is back to PA and Bonnies & Scott’s for a few days.

Hope to see ya down the road as were;

Dancin on the Wind.

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