Sunday, September 6, 2009

‘O’ Canada

Well we said we were headed to Canada and here we are after a slight delay. Seems I was detoured to our niece’s house in NY for a three day stay first. We arrived in the early afternoon Wednesday and parked in our usual spot. When Gloria got home she got her a surprise, us. We had dinner with the family and visited for a while in the evening.

I called Wayne in Canada to make sure they were going to be home and tell them we would arrive on Saturday afternoon. He was fine with that but at the end of the conversation said if we could make it earlier that would be better. Seems Colleen took off Thursday, Friday and Monday from work cause they figured we’d be a rollin’ in., Talk about timin’. Well after hearin’ that we asked Gloria, if it was alright if we left in the morning as long as we promised to stop on our return. I don’t think she was too happy about loosin’ us so soon, but she conceded and we were off Thursday morning.

We arrived at Brantford, ON at about 3:30PM after gettin’ turned around a couple ‘o’ times. Wayne was a settin’ on the porch waitin’. Colleen was off shoppin’ with her Mom. They came home after a while and we all some burgers I burn to perfection on Wayne’s grill. We visited the rest ‘o’ the night.

Friday, after a hearty breakfast, we all headed out for the Butterfly Conservatory  in Cambridge. The Conservatory was quite interesting as there was variety of butterflies, birds & plantlife.

Butterfly Collage 2




A Butterfly Collage





Friday evening we had been invited to Duane & Thyra’s for dinner. They love to cook and as always the meal was extraordinary. Thyra also turned this ole boy onto a new ‘Adult Beverage’, Woody's Pink Grapefruit. Now I have a likin’ to a new ‘Girly Beer.

Saturday we were up early for a trip to a local Farmers Market. They had the typical flea market fare but also had many local farmers sellin’ their goodies. We picked up some cauliflower and some apples for a pie, Yummm. We left the market and had lunch in a Amish restaurant. Fresh rolls, Doughnuts and all homemade food, it was great. Saturday night Wayne & Colleen took us to the local fair in Paris. After parking we all got a chance to ride in a hot air balloon.





Colleen & Linda Goin’ Up









Here’s the view as we lift off





We watched the Demolition Derby, walked around the fair, got some fair food then headed for home. It was a late night so we just turned in.

That’s all for now.

Hope to see ya down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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