Sunday, September 20, 2009

Campin’ with the Cousins - Part II

We are together again with cousin Diane & Denny for another weekend campin’ extravaganza! Linda & I wanted to spend some one on one time with them before we moved on down the road. Not sure when we’ll be movin’ on but we’re talkin’ about meetin’ Jason, our son, in NC nearabouts the early part of October. Still have more visitin’ or re-visitin’ to get done here.  We decided this weekend was a do or die for a campin’ trip with the ‘Campin Cousins’. We decided on the same spot as last time as it’s convenient for them and us and it’s nice and quiet here fer visitin’.

On arrivin’ at Tionesta we stopped for some ice to chill our adult beverages, then went to see the Lighthouse. That’s right I said Lighthouse! Who’d of though, a Lighthouse on the Allegheny River between two dams. We have seen the Lighthouse from the other side of the river several times travelin’ up & down the road and just have not finagled a stop to see it. Of course it wasn’t open today but we still got to walk around it, snap some pic’s and learn the story behind it.


It was built and owned by the Sherman family as a beneficial landmark for the Tionesta community and to serve as a place to preserve the heritage of the Sherman Family. It is 75 feet high, 16 feet in diameter, six floors and a basement, it has a rotating light in the 24 foot tall lantern room at the top. Quite the memorial. The family has erected three more on the shores of Lake Erie.

We arrived at the Tionesta Outflow camping area, and it’s deserted, even the camphost is not here. We set up in the #2 space and after a while decided to get the fire goin’ so’s we can cook chicken on ‘er later. So here we set waitin’ on our campin’ buds so’s we can commence ta’ havin’ a good time.




They ain’t sqeezin’ em in right now




Diane & Denny arrived around four thirty and we gave ‘em a hand settin’ up camp. Then I chimed up “It’s five o'clock somewhere” and broke out an ‘Girlie Beer’. Good thing we started the fire cause Diane said we needed some appetizers of bacon wrapped scallops, Yum, Yum.




I could eat these all night 







Then came the Peach Bourbon Glaze







Next came the MOJO marinated chicken




After a great dinner we all spent the evening sitting around the campfire. Real close to the campfire cause it got really cold down there in that holler the camp sits in. We finally relented and retired to the campers around 10PM.

Saturday we were awake at 6AM courtesy of the clown with the truck camper in the site next to us. His starter on the truck kept spinning thru and grinding till it finally started. Think he could get it fixed, na…., Here’s your sign.  He arrived Friday night while we were eatin’ our dinner and promptly threw a big bag off firewood out the back door then threw some of it in the fire ring and struck a flare to ignite his fire. It was so appetizing smellin’ all that sulphur eatin’ dinner. Ya think people would have more consideration fer their neighbors. We never saw the guy the rest of the night I think he went to bed.

Since all were up early we had a big breakfast then ran to the Flea Market for some fleas. Lord knows we need some new fleas. I did get a vacuum breaker rebuild kit for the commode in the 5’ver for $5. If it fits I saved myself better than $50, if it doesn’t I’m out the five. We then went back to camp for some pie iron pizzas, yummie.  After a filling lunch we chatted fer a time before Denny said “Do I have to force everybody into the car for ice cream cones?” Not in this lifetime!!! We all piled in the car and we were off for dessert.  There’s a little country store in East Hickory, PA down the road that has the best waffle cones, I had Oregon  Blackberry Cheesecake. Then it was back to camp to prepare fer dinner, whew! Dinner was tube steaks, leftover chicken, baked beans & Linda’s potato salad.

Sunday was a lazy day. Breakfast, lounging, lunch and more lounging, throw in some showers and a walk and that comprised our day till we had to break camp and head for home. We said our goodbye’s and were off back to Seneca.

That’s all I have for now. Hope to see ya down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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