Thursday, September 17, 2009

Seneca, PA

Hi! We’re back at Bonnie & Scott’s fer the next week or so minus the upcoming weekend when we’ll be campin’ again with Diane & Denny.

On the way down from Gloria’s we made several stops. First stop the auction at Springville,NY, held every Wednesday. The first time we visited this auction was probably the early eighty’s. They have an livestock auction in a big barn in the afternoon as well as an auction outside in the morning and a flea & farmers market that runs till about 2PM. Last year I bought a series of Graphic Audio CD’s from my favorite western author, William Johnstone, for a measly $10. The Graphic Audio CD’s are more like a movie than a book in that they have all the sound effects associated with the story. I was only able to find one book to purchase, a Johnstone western. The I bought some yummy New York XXXX Sharp cheese. Then we moved on down the road.

When we got to Great Valley, NY we detoured to a yummy little place that Bud & Linda turned us onto called Sandy’s. Last time we were here we all had a fish luncheon that was so good I thought I’d gone ta’ heaven. Today the special was Cheeseburger and fries or potato soup or salad. It was not as good as usual, but I guess everybody has ‘Off Days’. Before we left we bought a loaf of her cinnamon Raisin bread. Sandy makes all of her own bread, muffins, cinnamon rolls & doughnuts everyday and they are Good….

Back on the road again we stopped to fuel up in Killbuck, NY, Diesel at $2.51 a gallon, can’t beat that. We then to Allegheny State Park. Just wanted to drive thru a check out the park. It is really beautiful and as we started to go up, up, up the mountain the fall colors were starting to come on strong. We checked out the Red House Campground and it was nice, sites a little to close together for us.

Down the road to Bradford Linda wanted to stop at the Zippo museum. Zippo has been manufactured in Bradford since the early 30’s, the company gettin’ it start durin’ the depression.  The museum was nice and in the 90’s they acquired another Bradford institution, Case Knives, which are also exhibited in the museum.




Zippin’ along at Zippo




Yea! we’re here at Bonnie & Scott’s after a trip of 156 miles and only 9 hours on the road with many stops. We’ve only one day here and then it off on a weekend campin’ trip with Diane & Denny.

Well that’s all for now. Hope to see ya down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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