Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Stop the ride, I Want to Get Off!

We’re still in Ontario visiting our friends Wayne & Coleen. Since we got here they have been takin’ us everywhere mornin’, noon & night, busy, busy , busy. Sunday Coleen had to get a gift for an upcoming wedding, so the girls went shopping. Y’all know I love shoppin’ about as much as poison ivy, so I was glad to stay home, but not fer long. Wayne decide to take me to the Canadian Heritage Museum in Hamilton. The museum is a collection of Canadian aircraft both static and operational, flying aircraft. The collection boasts fighters from WWI, WWII and more recent. One of the aircraft is a Avaro Lancaster of WWII vintage. It is one of only two still flying today.

Lets take a quick flight

We got back to the Homestead just in time for an afternoon ‘Toddy’ before it was off to Duane & Thyra’s for an afternoon and evening of liquid libation & culinary delights. They had played a round of golf in the morning and everyone was invited back to the house in the afternoon. While the festivities progressed Duane recuited his friends for small feat of strength. They moved a play house/tree house down the block from the neighbors. Quite a feet as thier yard is completely fenced with 6 foot privacy fence and they had to work around a swimmin’ pool and hot tub.


The’re puttin’ the roof back on


Easy Does It!


Ready for the KIDS?

Food, drink and fun were the order of the afternoon and evening. Argentine steak appetizer, Beef ribs main course, corn, spicy potatoes, all delicious. Thank you Duane & Thyra you’re very special people.

After saying our goodbye’s we headed home for a good night’s sleep. The weather here has been rainy, as it has been everywhere this summer, but everywhere we’ve been we have encountered very little rain. It’s been sunny skies where ever the RV Anytimers stop to visit, we must be ‘Lucky Charms’. See’ins as one of the main reasons we’re here, to escape the heat at home, we are doin’ just fine. I think we’ve had one day in the high 80’s since we left home July 7th.

Monday we loaded up in Wayne’s car for the trip to Fort Erie Beach in Port Dover. Whenever we visit up here we make a trip to the Erie Beach Hotel for a Perch dinner with celery bread. The perch are the sweetest and tastiest that we have found in our travels. After dinner we walked the beach and out onto the pier. Those that follow us will recall they had palm trees planted on the beach when we were here last year. Well they’re still here. After the pier we stopped for an ice cream cone. I felt like a tick about to pop!

Well I hope we’re gonna slow down a little over the next few days.

We’ll see what the new day brings.

Hope to see ya down the road as we’re

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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Jaimie Hall-Bruzenak said...

I can relate! One of the things that took me a long to learn was how to say "no" and to realize I didn't have to do everything when we were in a group or visiting. I was torn because we'd be with people we didn't see that often and I wanted to be with them. Finally I decided to pick and choose. It has been a big relief!

Jaimie Hall Bruzenak