Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dinner with the Cousins’

Cousin Bonnie invited us down for supper as her husband Scott was going to be home. Scott drives a truck ‘over the road’ and was in for the night before his next trip. As long as we’re going to their house and we were figurin’ on movin’ the camper there Monday we decided to take some of our stuff there tonight. We loaded the generator, gas can, second battery that we carry, bicycles and some 2x2’s that I bought to build a rack in the truck bed for the bikes.
One of the local Fire Departments were having a festival and Linda, Don, Jessie & I went last night for the fish fry. We got a huge slab of fish, french fries, cole slaw & a roll for $7, it was excellent. We also watched the ‘Lawn Tractor’ pulling event that was takin’ place. It was OK but there was no information on which contestant was pullin’ or how far they pulled. So we couldn’t tell who was in what place, kinda poorly run.
Saturday before loadin’ up and goin’ to Bonnie’s we returned to the festival to watch some woodcuttin’ competition. I expected events like you see on ESPN with tree climbin’, log rollin’ and such, but this was different. The events were all done with chainsaws. The most intriguing event involved cuttin’ a tall pole and makin’ it fall where you want it. They were scored on accuracy of alignment, after each contestant markin’ out where they intended to bring the tree down. They place a 30” hemlock board perpendicular to the intended path of the pole, about 1/2 way from the base to the spot the top would strike the ground. If they snapped this board they received points. Each pole also had a large diamond shaped target attached to the top and a spike was placed by each contestant where he predicted the top of the pole to fall. If the target struck the spike, points were awarded in relation to the center bullseye on the target. Here’s an example.
Here’s a video of the PA State Collegiate Champ at work. Ya’ might want to turn your sound down a bit, my gal does get excited.
The day was hot and the sun was hotter, besides we had to get to Bonnie & Scott’s, so we left the festival. After loadin’ up the afore mentioned stuff, we headed to Bonnie’s. Along the way we made a small detour to Franklin, PA to a bike shop to see if we could make an appointment to have someone look at Linda’s bike. We found the one bike shop in the area located on the bike trail in town, the Country Pedaler. We explained the problem and were told to bring the bike in so they could take a look at it. The owner lubricated it, adjusted it and gave us some tips on keepin’ it runnin’ smoothly. No appointment necessary, the charge, $5, I was elated. Our bikes are just run-o-the-mill bicycles and was fearin’ a bill more than what the bikes worth. I can’t recommend Country Pedaler more to anybody who is in the area and is in need of repairs or bicycle related equipment. I purchased some White Lightning Clean Ride lubricant to try to keep our bikes running smoother and I felt I owed this fella something more that what he was chargin’.
So with the bike fixed we head to Bonnie’s. When we arrive Scott is off doin’ his shoppin’ for his next trip. Linda & I unloaded all our ‘stuff’ and commence to visitin’. Shortly Scott returns and we all have a rousin’ time visitin’. Before ya’ know it it’s six o’clock and we have to start gettin’ supper goin’. Bonnie served a meal fit for a king with LARGE portions of delicious steak, Twice Baked Potatoes, cole slaw & a tomato and mozzarella salad. Now ordinarily Linda & I split a steak anymore as that’s enough fer us. Well tonight I ate all of my steak and nibbled on Scott’s bone, I was stuffed but it was so good!! Later we topped everything off with Bonnie’s ho-made, we know who made it, strawberry-rhubarb pie. Again delicious!!
Around 9:30 we said our goodbyes as we needed to get back to the camper in Titusville. I don’t enjoy travelin’ on these roads at night cause this country is loaded with DEER!I don’t need a new hood emblem on our truck. We made it home safe while Linda drove and I forced myself to remain awake watching for DEER.
Hope to see ya down the road as we’re;

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