Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rough Weather

We had Ed, one of the neighbors, over to dinner this evening. We were just finishin’ dinner tonight when the neighbor fella, a cross the way, come a-knockin’ on the door. Seems we’re under a ‘Tornado Warning’ for this city. We had heard some distant thunder but nothing that close.  So we started lookin’ a little closer. Then Ed’s daughter, Cari came over sayin’ there’s a tornado on the way. Now wait a minute. Two days ago there’s a Ranger runnin’ around yellin’ to tie everthang down, now there’s a tornado headed this way? Do I have a black cloud hangin’ over me? I don’t normally attract this much attention, even from ‘Mother Nature’. Well now we’re all standin’ outside trying to see if’n we can see something. Well Ed decides to head for home and Cari and her husband Albert are headin’ in, so Linda & I go back in the camper. She’s playin’ solitare and I’m tryin’ to bring up the radar on the computer. We had already discussed goin’ in the Milk House if’n things start gettin’ bad. When Linda says, “Maybe we should lower the camper closer to the ground”. I figure it’s not a bad idea, so I grab the jack remote, but when I open the door a gust of wind almost pulls it out of my hand. Now I figure we better get in the Milk house, so I grab a lantern and this computer and we run for the door just as the cold rain starts. From the doorway of the milk house I run the jacks down lowerin’ the camper to the ground. Then the rain’s goin’ sideways and the hails comin’ as well from the west. In less than a minute the rain and hail is now comin’ from the east. We had a lot of lightning, not much wind and small hail. After ten minutes or so everything started to calm down and we returned to the camper. During the time we were in the milk house the siren down the road at the fire station went off twice in warning.

So that’s seems to be all the excitement for today, thank goodness. See Ya’ again soon.

Hope to see ya’ down the road as were;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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