Thursday, June 3, 2010

Red Barn at Last!

Well here we sit in Pennsylvania. We stayed a second night in Barkcamp State Park at the Passport America rate of $10. We might have stayed longer or explored a new state park but the rates change on Thursday night. The last night at Barkcamp we had a new experience, the ranger came through the campground loops repeatedly announcin’ over his loudspeaker, “A severe Thunderstorm is coming, Please tie everything down!”! Heck we come from the land of severe thunderstorms and have never heard this before tonight! Well we had a little rain, and I do mean little. But that’s OK. Better than havin’ a blow that takes everythang’ we got right with us.

Since we couldn’t stay in the OH parks system we decided to go over to PA and visit Billy & Gary, Linda’s cousins in Karns City. We tried to call them Tuesday night but had to leave a message. Turns out they were busy this weekend with graduations and an anniversary party, so we went up the road further to Linda’s Aunt Jessie & Uncle Don’s in Titusville, PA. Jessie & Don are over in the eastern part of the state visitin’ their grandyoungin's’ but they’ll be back Sunday. Gives us a chance to unpack, do some laundry and maybe relax a little fer’ a few days. We are parked up at the barn next to the old ‘Milk House’. Jessie & Don have owned this farm up the road from their home for a lot of years. They use the old three story barn for storage rental space. So there’s no critters to fuss about, ‘cept some barn swallows and some bats. We’ll be stationary here fer’ a while so unless somethin’ excitin’ comes upon us my postin’ may be a little lax.

Before I go I forgot to mention someone we met in our travels at Camp Copperhead. See thar’ was this fella with a big… tag-a long rig, and he had his wife and four young children with him. It kinda’ made Linda & I reminisce a little and we thought it it was wonderful that he was exposing his children to the outdoors and the camping experience. Well seems this fella is the creator of a brand new product for campers, tailgaters and homeowners. It’s called “Stake Buddy”.

Stake Buddy 1 Just a quote from his website- “It’s simple to use just slip the larger loop over your wrist, and grasp the comfortable handle. Adjust the slide to secure to your wrist. Then just attach the other loop to the stake and pull”.

It’s effortless, lightweight, compact and fer’ a ‘Mister Fixit’, ya can’t hardly hurt yerself’ with it. I tried it, it worked on our metal stakes that we use with our canopy. So if ya’ think ya’ might could use one and support a young American entrepreneur in the process go to their website and check it out further.

Well I’ll get off the soap box fer’ now and say ‘adios’. Maybe we’ll see ya’ down the road as were;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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