Friday, June 18, 2010

The Great Time Machine Boondoggle

We’ll we’re still at cousin’s Bonnie’s fer’ the next few days then it’s off to our niece’s in Holland, NY for several days before we leave the country for Ontario.

We haven’t been doin’ too much, tryin’ to conserve our energy. Never know when ya’ mite need to draw on the reserves ya’ got stored. Haven’t written cause there’s nothin’ much to write about here.

I know I mentioned it before, but I’d like to tell ya’ about our adventures at the 25 or so WalMarts from TN to PA that we’ve visited on our way here. Where do I begin;

It seems when we were at our friends house, Amy & Randy, in TN and walked out to see their new trailer with Amy, upon entering the trailer Linda noticed Amy had a nice white wall clock. Then she noticed it was quiet, no TIC-TOC. She mentioned if it came up missin’, that Amy would know where it wandered off to. See the wall clock we have in the Lance has a loud TIC-TOC. When we’re dry campin’ and going to bed it sounds like it gets louder, resonatin’ off the walls. The quieter it gets outside the louder the clock seemed to get. So when Linda saw this and Amy said “I bought it at WalMart, it was only $3.97 or so”, I could hear the wheels turnin’ in her head. So after the campin’ weekend we spent with Amy & Randy, I knew I was headed fer ‘Wally World’.

We made it as far as KY before I had to stop at ‘Wally World’. We went in and found the style clock Linda was dyin’ for. We had been siteseein’ around Cumberland Gap National Park and I just happened to have my backup camera batteries in my pocket. The clock we were lookin’ fer’, someone had already removed from the box, so I slipped a battery in and ‘VOILA’, time with no TIC-TOC TIC-TOC. Yeah!!!! I put the clock up to Linda’s ear, “Do you hear anything”? “No”, she replied, we were both elated. I placed the clock against a folded up resin table, to simulate the amplifying effect the wall seems to have, ‘No Sound’. I took the clock, slipped it in the box and we were off for the checkout. We were pleased that after three years we had a wall clock that didn’t make a racket.

The next day and about 100 or more miles down the road, my lovely bride decides that she would like a white bezel, instead of the black one on the new clock. Well the clock we’ve had for three years has a black bezel, but she wants white! Ya’ know the sayin’ “If Moma’s Happy, Everybody’s Happy” I’ve found is healthy advice to live by. So start lookin’ fer the next ‘Wally World’ fella’.

After stoppin’ at 8,10,12 ‘Wally World’ stores we finally find what the Mrs. is lookin’ fer. Same clock, same manufacturer, white bezel. So we grab it up and with our other purchases we check out and leave. No need to put a battery in it, “It’s the same clock”!

The mounting is different so I have to remove the industrial velcro on the wall and the present clock before I can mount the new clock. Several days later we get the new clock out to see about hangin’ it. After puttin’ a battery in it we are rewarded with the window shakin’ sound of TIC-TOC, TIC-TOC. Wonderful. Now I’m ready to use this thing as a clay bird and see if I can hit it with one of my pistolas!!

So another 8,10,12 ‘Wally World’s”, on up & down the road, before we find the same clock again. Well ‘Fool me once, shame on me’, I’ve got a battery for the clock and a screwdriver to remove the clock from it’s packaging. Now here I stand in ‘Wally World’, removin’ all these clocks from the packagin’ and puttin’ batteries in ‘em, while “Wally Word’ security is watchin’ me on camera. I’m surprised I didn’t get detained as a ‘Homegrown terrorist’, loadin’ up all the clocks. Well we didn’t find a quiet clock till we got to Titusville, PA, and it wasn’t silent like the first clock, but it was quieter. At this point I’m willin’ to settle fer’ any time piece that doesn’t ‘Rock the house’.  We take it home and the next day get ready to mount it. After puttin’ the battery in and placin’ it on the wall it was decided we didn’t want this semi quiet TIC-TOC clock either. So after 25 or 30 ‘Wally World’ stops, this is or new clock!


No TIC-TOC and look, it has the black bezel we started out with on the first clock. Linda’s happy, I’m real happy!! End of story.

So if yer’ ever in need of clock advise, you know who ya’ can look to. BUY DIGITAL!!!

Hope ta’ see ya’ down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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