Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Return to Camp Copperhead

Howdy we made it down to Alma to visit with Kathy & Vicki, the ‘Queens’ of Camp Copperhead. No really Kathy & Vicki are the sweetest two gals and great hosts.
We pulled in on Saturday and they were havin’ a Memorial Weekend complete with several bands performin’ in the ‘creekside’ stage. They directed us to a site they saved fer’ us and we swung in and setup. Later Kathy came by to see if we were satisfied with the site, “Sure it’s fine”. We relaxed fer a spell then Linda made some sausage-peppers n’ onions fer supper. That was some good eatin!! We stopped in a grocery store earlier in the day at Cumberland, MD and picked up a 2.5 lb. ring of hot Italian sausage with red, yellow & green peppers & onions cut up in the center fer’ $5 & some change. Got Saturdays & Sundays dinner outa’ it and have 4 pieces left fer’ sandwiches or pasta. Not a bad deal at all. After dinner we walked down to the bandstand to checkout the music, ran into the girls makin’ a fire and was invited to set by their fire, off I went fer some chairs. The music was good and stretched on till after 12AM but we faded about that time and went home.
All setup with the wash hangin’
Sunday we had a wonderful breakfast of Sausage & Pancakes, Mmm..mn. We hung around most of the day as Linda was cookin’ Country Ribs, more Italian sausage and ground beef fer’ spaghetti sauce. All great deals at that little grocery store in MD. We invited Kathy & Vicki for a dinner of spaghetti with sausage & garlic bread. The girls showed up and we all sque..eezed round the table in the camper. We had a wonderful dinner, great conversation & lots ‘o’ laughs into the night. We broke up around 9 as both girls had to work Monday.
Monday we just kinda’ hung out doin’ nothin’. We were expectin’ thunder storms that night and picked up as much as we could to be prepared for our departure Tuesday morning. Turns out we got just a little rain around 1 AM & no more.
Camp Copperhead is big on ATV’s as they have 30 acres of mountain out back to explore.
If your ever in the Alma area of west Virginia and lookin’ fer’ a place to camp in the country where there’s no interstate, no trains, just piece and quiet. Then ya need to stop by Camp Copperhead. If’n ya’ meet Kathy & Vicki, tell ‘em we said Hi!
By the way I asked where they got the name fer this place. Kathy told us that this was the first official Boy Scout Camp in WV, in 1938, the Boy Scouts gave it the name and it has stuck all these years.
Well that’s all fer’ now. Hope to see ya’ down the road as we’re";

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scheslock said...

We met Barry & Linda while spending a long weekend at Camp Copperhead. They introduced us to Passport America. What a great organization! Thanks guys!