Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tractor Pullin’ & Vistin’

We left ‘Cousin Bonnie’s’ at a remarkable 9’ish this morn. We only had about 125 miles to travel, but someone has been lookin’ fer sandals at ‘Wally World’ since we left home. The sandals she liked were worn by the daughter of our good friends ‘Bud & Linda’ and were purchased in the Jamestown, NY ‘Wally World’ and as we get closer the anticipation grows. Well we also stopped in Warren, PA & Springville,NY but NO SANDALS! Maybe we can stop lookin’ now, HA!
We arrived at Niece’s Gloria & her husband Fred’s house in NY around 3 on Saturday. Gloria was on hand to greet us but Fred and Josh, their oldest boy, were at a Tractor Pull. Seems both Josh and Jeremy are into participatin’ in tractor pullin’. Tractor Pullin’ is big sport here from the hobby level to the “Pro” circuit and there are "’Pulls” almost every weekend somewhere in the area. Both Josh & Jeremy are hobbyist's right now But Jeremy is building a ‘Super Modified’ tractor from the ground up.
After gettin’ parked and hugs from Gloria, Dad & Josh called to say they were on their way home. Seems Josh won ‘Third Place’ and received a trophy. He has had first place wins before but he seemed more thrilled with the trophy he received today than the monies he’s received for those first place finishes. He say’s the money gets spent but this is something that will last a long time.
After they arrived we were instructed to don our crew shirts, that were presented to us, and it was time fer’ some pics'.
Here’s Josh on his tractor with his trophy.
Here’s the whole crew.
100_8064Linda with her ‘Official Pit Crew’ shirt.
Here’s a short video of Josh’s first ‘pull’ of the day.

After puttin’ away the tractor the ‘Boys’ sat down to some fried chicken Linda had made and the ‘Old Folks’ visited into the night.
That’s all fer this episode, stay tuned fer’ some more news on ‘Fathers Day’.
Until then maybe we’ll see ya’ down the road as we’re;

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