Sunday, June 27, 2010

Time for some catch-up

Sorry you haven’t heard from me in a while but I came down with the same ailment that afflicted me last October in Ocean Springs, MS. No trip to the hospital this time but it did delay our trip to Canada one day.

To regress after our wonderful Fathers Day fishin’ trip we had a scrumptious dinner of fried Crappie Monday night. There was lots & lots of leftovers so the boys could take some in their lunches.

Tuesday Jeremy came home with a flatbed to install on a pickup truck for his boss. He had cut it in three pieces cause it needed to be narrower and was fixin’ to weld it back together. Well after seeing how it didn’t want to fit cause of the raged cuts and big gaps he was startin’ to pull his hair out. I went out and looked at things, I told him I’m a wood butcher and I never worked much with metal but we worked out a plan where we would clamp a straightedge to the cut and just re-cut, makin’ it straighter. It definitely improved the joints and his outlook as well. After straightening the first two cuts he tacked it together. We had to use a jack to keep the surface of the bed flat and then tack it in place, raising and lowering as we progressed.


We got both sides re-cut and tacked then flipped it over so he could reinforce it the next day.

Wednesday Linda, Gloria and I went to the Springville Auction. We perused the flea market, nothing of interest, then I bought some cheese which had been my ulterior motive fer’ goin’. They have cheese made by local farmers as well as the Cuba Cheese Company, I prefer the local stuff. After that we visited ‘Wally World’, had lunch at Taco Bell and were off to home. To my surprise Jeremy had all the weldin’ done on the flatbed and I planned to get a completed picture but was gonna’ wait till the next mornin’. But fate played me a cruel trick and I woke at 2:30 AM with terrible pain under my sternum and was up & down the rest o’ the night. I couldn’t stand and I couldn’t sit or lie down. It’s a horrible feelin’ and seein’ as this is the second time it’s happened, I’m gonna have to look into it further when I get home. Maybe an ultrasound, maybe an upper GI. Somethins’ got to be done!

Well I spent all day Thursday, the day we we’re leavin’ fer’ Canada in bed, walkin’ around, tryin’ to lie down, nothing worked. I finally got a little relief around Supper time and drifted off to sleep for about 4 hours.

Friday mornin’ I felt good enough to travel and we headed up the road for Fort Erie, Ontario, me in the passenger seat and ‘Bubbles’ at the wheel. Everything went well till we stopped for some lunch and when I entered the camper I was freezin’, shiverin’, cold. We ate a little, then headed out again but I lived in my Alaska “Hoodie’ till we got to Wayne’s house, in 75 degree weather.

So it’s now the third day an I’m feelin’ a mite better but the shivers and hot feverish feelin’ seems to come on in the later afternoon. Everyday it seems to get a little later. After a nap this afternoon to quiet the shiveries’, I started getting board and took that as a good sign. Linda had gone off with Wayne & Coleen to do a clogging show for some benefit and I didn’t feel up to accompanying them. So I napped and got rid of the shiveries’. About 8PM They returned and I was feelin’ so good I was gonna’ make someone take me for something to eat, but they hadn’t eaten so we all went to dinner. Boy did it taste good, first regular ‘people food’ I had since Wednesday.

Sunday I didn’t start feelin’ poorly till around 3PM and we had been out most the day. So back to bed to get me warm and feelin’ better. This thing has got to GO! I have no other ailments other than aches and pains, probably from helpin’ my Nephew, and a fever that comes on during the day. The speed I’m improvin’ Coleen says in a week I might be able to get through the day.

Well that’s all I can tap out ,this entry has taken me two days. Hope to see ya down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the wind.

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