Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back at Seneca

Well we had our last ‘Hurray’ with Don & Jessie and we’re back at Cousin Bonnie’s. Were here for our last two days then it off to NC to visit some friends near Raleigh before makin’ our way over to Bryson City.
Monday Linda cooked a spaghetti dinner and we asked Diane & Denny to eat with us, kind of a ‘Farewell’ dinner. They came about six and we ate around seven, sat and talked till it was time for them to leave. We showered and called it a night.
During the night we had some severe storms and lots of hard rain. It woke us both up numerous times throughout the night and by morning we were up. Today we had to pack and were also invited to a fish fry at Linda’s cousin Johnny ‘J’ and we were pretty pooped from our restless night. The rain finally letup in the late morning and I got started packing. Pickles, pickles, beets, peppers, salsa, apples, potatoes, I feel like I've got a produce truckin’ business. Well I finally got everything packed with some help from Linda in the end and we’re ready to roll.
Around 5:30 Bonnie, Linda & I drove over to their cousins for the fish fry. So happens Johnny & Marlene live across from Diane & Denny, go figure. They had also invited Diane & Denny, friends Sonny & Deb and another cousin Clarence & his wife. Johnny cooked oodles of perch he caught in Lake Erie, some fresh french fries and Linda had made some cole slaw. Lake Erie perch are some o’ the best fish we’ve eaten. When we visit Wayne in Ontario, something we always look forward to is a trip to Port Dover for perch. After eatin’ a big ole pan full Johnny cooked up another pan so he gave us some for the road, yum…my. After chewin’ the fat fer’ a spell we started to say our ‘Goodbyes’. Wait, first we need a picture!
Wednesday we we’re up with the chickens cause Linda had an appointment with her eye Dr. at 8:45 in Franklin. the appointment went well and the Dr. couldn’t believe how her vision returned to 20/20 so fast. Must be cause I take real good care of her. We got a late start down the road cause the Doc kept her fer’ 3 hours doin’ all kind a tests.
We headed down I-79 & we’ve made it as far as Summersville, WV tonite. Partially cause we had to stop at place Linda would have liked to spend a lot of time at but couldn’t cause they we’re closing fer’ the night, the Trans Allegheny Insane Asylum in Weston, WV.
One of the Residents?
No really this place was in operation until 1994, did lots of lobotomy's in the 40’s & 50’s and as is typical off state hospitals for the insane they were completely self-sufficient. We we’re to late for a tour so we’ll have to try again some other day.

Oh Yeah, How could I forget?
Thanks for All the Hospitality BONNIE !!!!

Well that’s all fer’ this episode of the RV-Anytimers. Hope to see ya down the road as we’re;

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