Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tionesta & Titusville

We are preparin’ to leave the western Pennsylvania area and move on down to North Carolina. Fall is really startin’ to take hold here, like someone flipped a switch. Thursday it was 87 degrees, Friday 88 degrees, until Saturday during the wee hours of the mornin’ low 50’s.
We stopped for a night at cousin Sandy’s in Tionesta. We were here in July & August fer’ some pickles & some salsa  makin’s. Sandy’s husband Craig and I spent the day chattin’ on the porch while the girls went off to shop fer’ groceries. When they returned they brought subs fer us all to eat. Good thing cause my backbone was startin’ to gnaw at my stomach. Later their son, his daughter & his girlfriend showed up. Their son came up to help dad rebuild the roof on their spring house. Sandy made some pizzas later and everyone enjoyed them. Soon it was time to turn in and we bid all a ‘Goodnight’.
In the morning we had breakfast with the family then it was time fer’ us to move on up the road to Titusville and the big red barn. We said our goodbyes then we were off.
Thanks Sandy & Craig for your hospitality!
Before we headed fer’ the ‘Red Barn’ we sidetracked to see the ‘Nebraska Bridge’. The bridge outside the small hamlet of Nebraska, PA  crosses Tionesta Creek. During late winter & the spring the water levels in Tionesta Lake rise to the point that the bridge becomes submerged and is closed to traffic. Last year it was discovered the bridge had settled 8” at both ends and since has been closed to all traffic until repaired. I’m not sure but I’ll bet this is not a high priority on the state’s budget. Linda & I walked across to view the water & the opposite side.
Here we are at the end of the road, Nebraska Bridge
Still has a nice superstructure
  View from the bridge lookin’ towards Tionesta Lake
Lookin’ back up Tionesta Creek
We left the bridge behind and traveled to Titusville. Were headin’ to spend a last few days with Uncle Don & Aunt Jessie. We parked at the milk house by the big “Red Barn’. We were here a few weeks ago and I installed a 30 Amp outlet for us in the milk house. Today I put the cover plate on the outlet to finish off the job. We now have all the power we need for the truck camper or the fifth wheel.
We had brought a bag of shrimp, some french fries and Linda made some cole slaw so we could have a "’Good Bye’ dinner. Course we’re eatin’ with them again tomorrow night too. They were glad to see us and we them. We’re gonna do some excitin’ things while we’re here for two days, like wash the bed linens, some other clothes and maybe squeeze in a bike ride.
Well that’s about all fer’ this ole’ dude. I got to be gettin’ me some ‘Beauty Sleep’, I sure could use all I can get.
Hope to see ya’ down the road as we’re;

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