Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wagon Ho! Headin’ back East

Our trip to the land of cheese has been fun, entertainin’, enlightening & heartwarmin’. We really enjoyed our visit with our friends and meetin’ all their family.

Now we’re headed back home, or Pennsylvania, our home for the past four months. We stopped in Madison to view the State Capitol then headed east for Milwaukee. 100_8541

Wisconsin State Capitol

After negotiatin’ through Milwaukee we headed south continuin’ to foller’ I-94 headed fer’ Chicago. Oh Boy "’The Big City’. Stop fer’ fuel at a Kwik Trip, nice convenience store, Cheap fuel, bought eggs fer’ 79 cents and a pound o’ butter fer’ $1.69.

By the way mileage this last leg was 15.9 MPG. Much better than the 13’s we were gettin’ buckin’ the wind comin’ out. Maybe that Bully Dog Triple Dog programmer will prove itself after all.

Asked a young lady fuelin’ in front of us how far to Chicago. She said about an hour, then 1&1/2 hours to get through the city at this time of day. I asked if it’d be better to eat supper & go an hour later. She said definitely yes, “I drive this route everyday from this very exit so I know”. Well I relayed the findings to ‘you know who’ and she said “It couldn’t be that bad at this time of day”. Guess what we did? You got it we plodded ahead into the quagmire of ‘metropolitan gridlock’. We sat through about two hours of ‘stop & go traffic once we got to the city, while someone complained all the way. Now I know why I drove 100 miles further to avoid the ‘Mega Grid Lock’ of the big city.


   How’s This? Haven’t even made it to the city yet.


Yeah this is why I travel the USA, NOT!


Linda was fascinated by all the High Rise Skyscrapers. 

After finally gettin’ out of the ‘Metro’ traffic we hooked up with I-80 fer a short spell then I-65 south to US 30, west on  to Valparaiso, Indiana. Wally-Dockin’ tonite in Valparaiso after some shoppin’ fer’ provisions.

Special Note: If yer’ readin’ this Ashley, Grandma says she loves & misses Ya’.

That’s all fer’ now. As always, hope to see ya’ down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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