Sunday, September 12, 2010

Eureka, Wisconsin!!

We pulled out of Hickory Hollow Campground and headed up I 39 north towards the Wisconsin state line. We didn’t plan on an early start cause the check-out time was 12PM. So when we got to Rockford, IL we got off the interstate and headed for our destination for lunch, Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits. Linda has been cravin’ some Popeyes chicken and I had to agree that it sounded mighty good since we haven’t had any in months. We had a coupon on the laptop for a 10 piece deal, but with no printer I said I’d just carry in the laptop and see if they’d honor it. Well that didn’t work out cause the clerk said they kinda have to keep the coupon, Not on my laptop! So we ordered 9 pieces of spicy chicken fer’ $7.99, plenty fer’ us anyhow.

After lunch we headed up the road again and soon crossed into Wisconsin. In another hour or so we were gettin’ off the ‘Big Blue Road’ in Wisconsin Dells. The ‘Dells’ as they are referred to locally must be a jumpin’ spot for ‘touristas’ during the warm Summer months. There’s Water Parks galore and lots of Adventure parks and Amusements. Kinda’ reminds me of Kissimmee or Pigeon Forge with their endless string of bumper boats, mini golf motels, go karts and other amusements. They do boast havin’ the worlds longest underground roller coaster at one of the parks.

We arrived at Barb & Noel’s house after a call to confirm the directions my Street Atlas program gave us. They were ready for us…..

100_8532 Good ole’ SNOB CORNER

After handshakes, hugs & greetings we got parked and setup. Then we sat outside and talked until it was time for us to go get somethin’ to eat. We headed to a restaurant they recommended but I had to ask after riding for a while, if we were going to Minnesota to eat this evening. Well it wasn’t that far but it sure seemed like it. Things are a fer’ piece here in the country I guess. We had a wonderful supper, most of us had steak. Then it was home to rest up fer’ Thursday.

Thursday we loaded up in Barbs car and did some grocery shopping in ‘The Dells’. Then we came home and waited for the arrival, George & Della were comin’. This will be the first time all six of us are together in two years.


Were hard at it just awaitin’!

They arrived in the late afternoon and it was hugs & handshakes all around again. We sat down to a fine meal Barb had prepared and ate a mite too much, it was so good. then it was visitin’ till we called it a night.

Friday us guys went to Home Depot to get George some materials for a shelf. He has wanted a shelf in one of the large cabinets in his Lance and this was the time to do it. After much thinkin’ & re-thinkin’ we decided on a design and grabbed up some materials. Two hours later he had a shelf to divide the cabinet so now they can carry more stuff. Don’t know why the manufacturers can’t put some shelving in these tremendous cabinets. Are ya’ just supposed to pile yer’ duds & vittles in there and hope ya’ don’t get killed when ya’ open a cabinet door after shakin’ it down the highway? Right and I got some Prime Waterfront Florida Property I can let ya’ have cheap! So Della is happy, George is happier, but say’s my next job is to electrify their gas water heater.

Around seven barb & Noel’s youngins’ and grand youngins’ started to arrive. The anniversary party they were puttin’ on was the followin’ day. It was decided we would all go out fer’ pizza to a local(?, I thought we was headed to Minnesota again), place. There were only 14 of us and we ordered a giant family pizza as well as a large. The large came out fine but the family pizza was not what was ordered so we waited for them to make another. There was oddles of leftover pizza which was taken home.

Well that’s all fer’ this fella’. I We hope to see ya’ down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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