Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy 50th Anniversary Barb & Noel

The party was to start at 3PM and there was lots of preppin’ to do.


This is the cake granddaughter Alexy made

There were tables & chairs to pickup & setup.


There was ground to fluff fer’ the horseshoe pits



There were campers everywhere

Son Eric was in charge of the main dish, Mostacholi, pasta with red sauce, meatballs & sausage. Everyone brought a side dish or dessert and there was food galore. It was all delicious and yours truly ate far to many vittles.


The Ross Clan

It was a great evening and everyone had a great time. Sunday was a slow recuperative day for most. Many had to return to their homes to prepare for work on Monday.

George & Della are leaving Monday and we are leaving Tuesday to return Pennsylvania. Linda & I want to thank Barb & Noel for the invitation and their hospitality.

Hope to see ya’ down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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