Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pulled out for Wisconsin

Well we left Titusville around 9:20 Monday with Linda sayin’ lets get movin’. I already figured this was not going to be a trip at our normal leisurely pace. We stopped at Flyin’ J as soon as we crossed into Ohio. Dumped the tanks, filled up on diesel and we were off again. We headed west & south makin’ our way deeper into Ohio. We had decided that Ohio didn’t deserve our money for riding’ their toll road. Not only do they class vehicles by the number of axles, but height as well. So according to their website we would have paid $23.70 to drive across the state. With a truck camper, I don’t think so!!!

We headed west through Youngstown on I-76 till it ran out at US 224. We then ran down US 224  all the way to Tiffin where we turned NW for Fostoria. We decided since we were in the area of Fostoria we’d call and see if the folks we bought the Lance from were home and up fer’ a drop-in visit. I called an got Maynard, told him we were in the area and wondered if they had a few minutes to see us. Of course he said to come on. We arrived and the first thing he asked when he greeted us was “Do you want to plug in?” I immediately told him no, no we can just stay a little while and we just came to visit. Well we visited with him and his wife Sue, I had a cup ‘O’ joe and a cookie, looked around at some of his ‘Solar gear’ and a fishin’ boat he’s riggin’ up with solar panels to recharge the batteries for the trolling motor. Then said our goodbyes and headed down the road. Thanks for the hospitality, especially on such short notice & we enjoyed visiting with the both of you.

Our next stop was what Brain at ‘Goin’ RV Boondockin’ calls Wally dockin’. We stayed the night in Definance, Ohio’s WalMart.

Tuesday was a super early day for us as we went to bed real early Monday. We made coffee after risin’ at 5:30 AM and a stop at Micky D’s fer some grub. At this point we made a miscalculation in our route. We were going to head up to get on the Indiana Toll Road, but decided we didn’t want to get into the Chicago ‘burbs’. So we swung southwest and headed for Ft. Wayne, IN and US 24 all the way across IN and into IL. Stopped for lunch at a City Park in Watseka, IN. We then picked up I 39 north to the La Salle area. Were spendin’ the night tonight at Hickory Hollow Campground, a Passport America park. We arrived here around 3 this afternoon and been chillin’ a little. We’ve only got about 200 miles to go so we’ve been haulin’ _ss for us.

Well that’s about all so I’ll talk at ya’ later. Hope to see ya’ down the road as we’re:

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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