Thursday, September 16, 2010

Grand Lake-St. Mary's State Park

This morning we headed down US 30 towards Ft. Wayne, IN and then on to Van Wert, OH. We stopped and did some shoppin’ at Wally World for a few things we couldn’t get in Indiana & to load some money on a gift card to get the 3 cent discount on diesel, $2.88/gal. Mileage this leg 15.1 MPG. To many stoplights and jack rabbit starts. Then we headed south to Celina, OH for an overnite stop at Grand Lake-St. Mary's State Park.


We had a little trouble finding the park cause I was usin’ a Street Atlas file downloaded from the Discovery motorhome owners website. The person who created the file had the location off by about a mile. I’ve since made the correction.

Grand Lake St. Marys was constructed in the early 1800s as a reservoir for the Miami and Erie Canal, which connected the Ohio River with Lake Erie. At one time the lake was the world's largest man-made lake. The canal system thrived for about thirty years in the mid to late 19th century before it was replaced by the railroads.

As always we asked if we could choose a site and were told we could. Glad Linda drove today cause we always play the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ campground game, round & round through the campground to pick a site. After finally choosin’ a site, I let her get us set up while I walked back to the office to let them know which we had taken & pay.


When leavin’ the office I spotted this guy hangin’ out waitin’ fer’ me. Looked like he had been to the ‘Wally Word’ sporting goods department and was ready fer’ huntin’ season.


This thing looked like "’Real Tree’ camo, it was awesome.

The weather here seems to be deterioratin’ as the sky is gettin’ a high overcast. No sun, just bright. I guess we must have some rain movin’ this way. I tried to catch a couple o’ pics’ o’ the lake but the day didn’t cooperate well.


Oh yeah. Guess who spotted an apple tree when we first pulled into the park. Now she’s makin’ apple sauce.


Well that’s all I got fer’ now, got to get to chillaxin’ a bit. Hope to see ya down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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