Monday, September 20, 2010

Back in PA

The following two posts I’ve posted late cause my signal here is lousy and I’m havin’ serious connection issues. I’ll post as soon as I get somewhere that has signal. 

We made it back to Pennsylvania on Friday, parked back at cousin Bonnie’s. Took the camper off Saturday morning and got an invite fer’ dinner at cousin Ben’s house fer’ Saturday night. Then we got an invite from Diane & Denny to come over to their place Sunday afternoon fer ‘snacks, dinner & a movie.

Well we made it to Ben & Kathy’s fer’ supper Saturday and had a great time with them and their youngins’. Chicken & Ribs were the menu fer’ the night and they were excellent. Ben ya’ did a great job burnin’ that meat! After dinner we sat and talked fer’ hours. It was funny that we got this invite cause the day before we were passin’ they're house Linda commented about wanting to get together with them and bingo, Ben calls the next mornin’. Call it fate or what ever it worked fer’ us.

Sunday I cleaned the bugs of 2000 miles off the front of the camper and applied a little wax as well. I finished it just in time to go to Diane & Denny’s. We watched the Steelers game and had munchies, then we had dinner. The movie Diane had was one I wanted to see this summer but missed it in the theater, Robin Hood. It was action adventure from the start and there was a love story in there too. It was interesting cause it was the story of Robin before he became the scourge of Sherwood Forest. After the movie we all had apple pie and ice cream. The pie Linda made was from apples we had collected along the way during our latest trip.

Speaking of our trip we stayed in an RV park the last night of our trip in Wellington, OH. A Passport America park I’m sorry to say. Now we have belonged to Passport America for a long time and had stayed in parks with varying degrees of facilities, but this park had the worst facilities I have ever seen. The name of the park is Clare-Mar Lakes Campground and I warn people to avoid it at all costs. We stopped here for several reasons; one, the location to our route of travel, two, Passport America rates are 50% of regular rates, & third we wanted to take a shower. Well we arrived just in front of a line of severe thunderstorms and it started raining when I was pluggin’ us in. Linda & I sat playing cards for a hour or so till the rain stopped. Then we decided to "’Check out the bathrooms’. We wish we did this first cause by now the office was closed. We would have gotten a refund and found a new spot down the road. The bath house was beyond description. Let’s see how about neglected, in sad state of disrepair, appalling, revolting, detestable & atrocious. There are no doors, the showers are moldy, the general description is grossly disgusting.

100_8598This is the entrance to the Mens Room 


This is on the Ladies' side


This is the one & only sink on the Ladies’ side

Linda decided we should look at some of the other bathhouses, there were two more in different sections of the park. They were all identical !! No Shower tonight !!

The following morning we sought out the owner and expressed our dissatisfaction and requested a refund, which we got. He attempted to give us a song & dance about battling with the town to get sewer services. Sewer service wont fix those bathrooms, But a little bulldozer remodeling would go a long way. The kicker for me is their rate is $25 a day, if electricity is needed it’s an additional $3 indicating to me most folks who don’t need electric are tenters, so what facilities are those tenters going to use?

Sorry about raving on but you pay money for a service they should provide a service! This has only happened to us once before and it was a NY state park, Makes you feel like your a second class citizen cause your in an RV.

Oh well I’ll close fer’ now and get off the soapbox for I stumble an break somethin’. Hope to see ya’ down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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Amanda Record said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your experience at this park. I think the pictures probably illustrate what you went through best. I hope you'll take a moment to review this park on our site ( So that other RVers can have an idea of what they are getting into should they park there.