Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blackwater Falls & Canaan Valley

Today we left our camp at Horseshoe for some state parks, first stop Blackwater Falls. We wanted to check out the waterfalls and look at their campground. We were deciding wether to stay here or at Canaan Valley's campground. In our travels to Blackwater we stopped in the town of Thomas, WV, for lunch at 'Flying Pigs' eatery. It was very good, all homemade and reasonable.




At least I didn't have to wait till H_ll freezes over to eat.




The falls were very nice considering most of the rivers & streams we've seen in the last week are very low. The Blackwater River begins it's journey in the Canaan Valley and flows north to join the Monongahela River and on to Pittsburgh to the Ohio River, eventually reaching the Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico. The falls are 57 feet high and were split in half because of the water level.




Blackwater Falls





Our tour of the campground determined that we would stay at Canaan Valley. The camp while nice was in the open and at least 80% of the sites were on a slant, uphill, downhill, or to the side, some pretty drastic. I don't understand why they can't put the sites in close to level when they design the campground. I could see some deviation when working in a heavily wooded site, but this was open area.

So now we're of to Canaan Valley. We were told that there were 100's of deer walking the campground. That they have taken food from people unexpectedly, by reaching over their shoulder and snatching it. Well we just had to see this for ourselves.

Well this camp is a far cry from last night's stay, full hookups & showers. The deer are pretty plentiful in the campground and as soon as one group leaves another shows up.


That Linda's sneakin' around with that camera again catchin' me workin'.







This girl was crunchin' acorns.



Soon after two little one's came runnin' out of the woods to Mama.





Mama signaled to them and they came out of nowhere.







This girl came a little while later lookin' for a handout.



Well I'm off for another day, so take care and maybe our path's will cross down the road as we're,

Dancin' on the Wind.

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