Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fairystone St. Pk. & Goose Point Campground, VA

As we moved closer to the VA-NC border we made a stop at a park our niece spoke of months ago. She said that there was a State Park in VA that had all these little stone crosses lying about on the grounds. So we needed to stop and see what this was all about. Seems the legends go's, that when Jesus was crucified the fairies that lived in the forest here wept when the news reached them. When their tears hit the ground they crystallized and that's what we're a huntin' today. So I'm expectin' on findin' some crystal crosses, kind a like quartz or such. No such luck, these crosses are are silicone based mineral and kinda' gray in color. We looked for about an hour, not really knowin' what we're exactly we're lookin' fer. Well I found a whole bunch of the crystals embedded in rock and I was real pleased until we talked with this lady whose husband sells these things. Seems we were supposed to be lookin' fer individual stones. She says you can't get these that I got out of the stone that surrounds them, we'll see after I get home an crank up the ole' Dremel Tool.

Well after toilin' in the dirt lookin' for crystals, we needed to find us a place to lite fer the night and Fairystone wasn't it. We passed a sign for a park, maybe County and we just went down the road to investigate. Turned out to be a Corps of Engineers park on Lake Philpot. Absolutely Beautiful, glad we wander sometimes. Park was a little pricey at $22 but the amenities & scenery was worth it.




This is our site at Goose Point Campground.







Linda seems to be havin' her a good time.




Yours truly a workin' on catchin' up on the Blog.







Linda's been sneakin' around with the camera catchin' me watchin' a movie.





Linda has been takin' pictures lately and doin' lots a over the shoulder editin', but I can't get her to write an entry for the blog yet, it will come, one a these days.

Well that's all for today. Hope to see ya down the road as we're;

Dancin' on the Wind.

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