Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Watkins Glen & Wine Country

We spent yesterday explorin' Watkins Glen State Park. We stayed at the campground so we'd be close. Good sized campground but most of it has no hookups. There are six loops and almost 300 sites but only about 50 electric sites. And I mean electric sites, no water, just a smatering through the loop. I checked this park out on the web and it said the sites were $13 + $6 for electric. Well it was $17 + $6 for electric plus $2.75 cause I didn't make a reservation, for a total of $25.75. If I had made a reservation on the web it would have been $9 additional instead of $2.75. I'd like to know why they charge for not making a reservation and who's gettin' that dinero? I can see Reserve America chargin' a fee for their service, but why does it cost $9 in NY and maybe one or two dollars in other states? The campground was typically rustic, as most state parks are but the restrooms were plain nasty! I guess because they use state employees, who are paid meagerly, the level of caring is commensurate. I'll bet if they used volunteer work campers they would get a more conscientious worker for a lot less money, and the showers wouldn't have mold growing in them.

Well the Glen was quite scenic, a crevasse carved over time by the water rushing through it, carving out the solid rock. There are 19 waterfalls in the first one mile up the Gorge Trail & many deep pools as well. Kind of like a mini Grand Canyon. In addition there were a couple of tunnels along the trail.



The tunnel at the start of the climb.






One of the more spectacular falls.







Most of the Gorge is made up of cascading waterfalls.








Viewing one of the bridges through the water cascading from above.







Some of the deep pools.






The hike up through the gorge is about one and a half miles and is accompanied by many, many sets of stairs, and for some reason they were all going UP!  When we reached the top we hiked back down the Indian Trail which was not right in the gorge, and had very few stairs.

We went back to camp ate some dinner then had a nice fire that we shared with our neighbors across the road. After a full day we slept really good.

Today we took a ride north towards Rochester to see the Erie Barge Canal. Linda had taken a trip on it with her family when she was a young girl. We visited some of the locks and traveled along it for about 25 miles passing through the little towns that border the canal. Then it was time to head south back towards Pennsylvania, I spell it out cause in a previous post I used CA for Canada and someone thought we were headed for California. I won't mention any names Bonnie.





Lock 28 on the Erie Barge Canal.




Tonight we are staying in a Passport America park in Randolph, NY, $12.50 and free wi-fi.

PS. The links to the photo album I mentioned for the family pictures is not working, but don't worry I'll get it fixed as soon as I can. In the meantime if you click on any picture in the August 28th post it will take you to our online pictures, click on the 'My Photos' tab and it will take you to all the online albums, then choose 'A Reunion with Family' to view the album.

See ya' down the road as we're

Dancin' on the Wind

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