Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Horseshoe Recreation Area, Monongahela National Forest

We floundered down some backroads searching for Horseshoe Recreation Area. These roads were so wide you might have room for two four wheelers to pass. I think what WV considers a road shoulder is the painted line on the edge, if there aint no line there aint no shoulder. We took the wrong road , run into some tree cuttin' guys and eventually made our destination. Horseshoe is a forest service camp with designated sites, a few water spigots and flush toilets. It was great to get away in the forest, even for one night, but I'm sure they'll be others soon. We drove the campgrounds two loops, only to find we were the only brave souls here. After selecting a site we ate dinner, walked the grounds and got visited by two deer. Later as we got the fire ready to light, five deer came out of the woods in the field across from our site. Linda started moving towards them slowly to get some pictures. Well the deer must have been curious cause two of them walked across the field, straight at her, stopping about 40 feet away. They look and looked, walking to her side, then to her rear, then back to the front again, just checkin' her out. They then ran back across the field only to return and check her out all over again two more times. All the while I'm standin' perfectly still, keepin' my eye on them for the slightest aggressive move, after all they're wild animals. Luckily they never got any closer and I didn't have to go into my wild man dance, screaming and yelling and waving my red shirt above my head that I would have ripped of my body. When they finally went away we settled down to our campfire for the rest of the night.




Here's the group as they stood across the field.




Unfortunately all the shots Linda took were fuzzy so we didn't post any.





This is one of the first deer to come visitin' that night.






Linda snapped this as I was settin' up. She's gettin' good at sneakin' around with the camera when I'm not payin' no mind.


Well that's all for today. Tomorrow we head for a new adventure somewhere, only another day will tell.

Hope to see ya' down the road as we're,

Dancin' on the Wind.

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