Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Great Bend Tunnel, Lost World Caverns & Greenbrier State Forest

We've been parked at Greenbrier State Forest for the last three days. We found a coupon on the internet that offered three nights for the price of two and took advantage of it. The forest campground is rather rustic, although we have 30 Amp electric and it does have a bathhouse.



Here's our site after we pulled in. We knew we'd be here for three days so we took the Lance off the truck.


The next morning we were off to find the Great Bend Tunnel, the home of the 'Legend of John Henry. The song says John Henry was a steel drivin' man. The legend implies that John Henry was in a race with a steam drill to tunnel through the mountain. This tunnel was cut one mile through the mountain for the C&O Railroad in the 1930's. The original tunnel has been replaced by a twin right next to it in the 1950's. Directly above the tunnel on the highway there is a statue of John Henry and there are plans to build a park in tribute in the near future.




This shot shows the twin tunnels, the original is on the right.






Here's the original Great Bend Tunnel.



Unfortunately the tunnel had about 8" of water in it for as far as we could see and we were not prepared for that much water so we had to forgo any exploration inside. I heard some chatter that the railroad may refurbish the tunnel and start using it again, in the future.

After a day of exploring we settled by the fire at camp to close out the day.

The next day we were off to explore the underworld at Lost World Caverns. There are two caverns in Lewisburg, WV and we decided on Lost World. We enjoy touring in underground caverns and when we're in an area where there a some located we try to see them. These caverns were somewhat different in that it was self guided. You just wandered around in the cavern at your own leisure. The formations in the caverns were nice but we have been to Carlsbad Caverns and Mammoth Cave, so it's hard to compare. The cavern could use some cleaning and because it's self guided and people are constantly passing through the lights remain on continuously during the day, not good for the health of the cavern.




This shot is in the front of the cavern.







This is one of the nicer formations that's still growing. If you look closely you'll see the green algae from the lights.




Well I got to go now. We'll see what the new day brings.

Dancin' on the Wind

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