Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Goodbye to the Oil Valley

We came back to Bonnie & Scott's after our visit to the Finger Lakes of NY. We stayed just a day, to do some laundry, fill our water tank and do some final visitin' before we head south for our trip through West 'By God' Virginia. A portion of our trip that was supposed to take place months ago, sometimes you have to be flexible, real flexible.



A common site all over this area of PA where oil was first discovered.



As we moseyed on south we stopped in Pittsburgh to have lunch at "Primantti Bros. They are known in Pittsburgh for their sandwiches with 'everythin', served on waxed paper. When I say 'everythin', I mean they serve whatever type of sandwich you order on Italian bread, topped with cole slaw, tomato's and french fries. Makes it kind of messy but we knew what to expect. Our opinion, been there, done that, didn't buy their T-shirt. We probably wouldn't go back.

Linda wanted to take me through one of the tunnels in the city that when you exit, you see the entire city before you. After driving around & around & around going here and there, we came through the right tunnel only to be disappointed that this wasn't the right tunnel either, I decided it was time to leave the congestion of the big city behind. I wanted out of there so bad I found the interstate and boogied south as fast as I could. Not like me to search out an interstate to travel, but I wanted gone from there. Once we were headin' south and away from 'City Life' Linda took over drivin' while I got out the laptop to start lookin' fer' a place to light for the night. We settled on a campground out in the country in beautiful West Virginia.



Hi from West Virginia!





We are sittin' in Camp Copperhead, a Passport America participating park , for the next two days. A quiet, pleasant, green camp on Indian Creek near Alma, WV. The park was purchased last year by two sisters, Cathy & Vicki, and they are workin' hard to build their dream, in this their first season. The park has 50 somethin' sites, water & 30A electric, dump station, bathhouse, lies on a creek, lots of recreation options and is in beautiful surroundings. Being PA we always pay 50% of the parks current rate, get this people, $7.50 a night. I'm sorry when you compare what some parks are askin' fer a night's stay, Passport America can't be beat.




Camp Copperhead




Today we stopped to ask if 'The Girls', Cathy & Vicki, would like some of the tomato's that we received from Bonnie, and wound up chattin' on & on. After bidin' goodbye's 5 or 6 times we finally left them to do their work, but were all goin' to dinner this eve at a local buffet restaurant. 

Well that's all for today.

Hope to see ya down the road as we're...........

Dancin' on the Wind

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