Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hillbilly Hot Dogs, Yeeha!!!

Last night we pulled into Beech Fork State park in Huntington, WV. We're here to pay a visit to one more of the stops along the 'Diners, Dives & Drive-ins' tour, "Hillbilly Hot Dogs" in Lesage, WV.

We came in after dark last night so we changed sites this morning, again and again till I got it right. After selectin' a site we headed out to try some weenies at this local eatery. Lesage is up the road about 8-10 miles so it didn't take long to search it out. At first I thought we missed it, cause we drove through Lesage. How silly it's right along the road.



Could you miss this?








Here's a closer shot.




Linda & I went into the Hillbilly indoor eatin' place and perused the menu. After much palaverin' with the help she ordered a 'West Virginia Dog', homemade chili, mustard, onions & slaw & a 'Pizza Dog', pizza sauce, melted cheese & fried pepperoni. I ordered a 'Hillbilly dog', deep fried dog with homemade chili, mustard & onions and then a Pizza dog and then a 'Mettswurst', hot spicy smoked mett, mustard and kraut, washed down with a Root Beer. The food was great and we're glad we made this a stop on our trip. The atmosphere is laid back, extremely friendly as well as unique, to say the least. The place has been decorated inside and out by the customers. So much so that the owners Sonny & Sharie hold sales to sell off some of the 'donations' in the name of various charities. This is a must stop if in the Huntington, WV area. As their sign says; "If you find your standards are too high fer us, Please lower yours." The dinin' area inside is in one of the old school buses or select a picnic table outside. We didn't get to meet Sonny & Sharie, but the girls Tammy & Rose made us feel like we were old friends. I believe their "Code of Hospitality" is based on the premise that they have never met a stranger, and treat everyone like 'Kin Folk'.


Thank You girls, I can't say enough about you and the wonderful time you showed us.






Linda makin' ready her Dog.





Here's a shot outside the 'Dinin' Area, or "Indoor Eatin' Place" as they refer to it.


A slice of Americana.







We came back to our camp to find the deer wandering along the roads in the park. When we arrived last night they were lying about everywhere and we must have counted around 15. They don't seem to mind us much and just lie there like a dog as we go by.




Here' somebody who had a real thirst.




Well that's all for today. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Maybe we'll see ya down the road as we're,

Dancin' on the Wind.

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