Friday, September 5, 2008

Just Hangin' Out!

Well been hangin' loose in Titusville since the Bar-B-Que, Labor Day weekend. Not much to report, just visitin' with Uncle Don & Aunt Jessie at they're house. Went for a drive one day and did a circle route of about 100 miles, saw some country but nothin' noteworthy. I did get about 20 western paperbacks at a little store, some 6 fer' a buck.

We're plannin' on goin' back up into NY and seein' Watkins Glen State Park and then maybe goin' up to the Thousand Islands on Lake Ontario.



Saw lots of these folks on a Sunday afternoon. I think they were Courtin'.




Well just a short post for today. hope to see ya' down the road as we're

Dancin' on the Wind

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