Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New River Gorge

Well last night we stayed at Pipestem State Park. We thought with that name it probably had some sort of unusual rock formations. Not. It refers to a plant that the Indians used to make, you guessed it, Stems fer' their pipes. The camp was OK, but we would have rather stayed at Bluestone Lake which wound up being just down the road from Pipestem. Much, much prettier, poor planning on my part.

We left the park to venture north to the New River Gorge area to take a Jetboat ride. We also were going to stay a day and visit the "Mystery Hole" a local tourist attraction that defys the laws of physics. Well our luck was with us again, the boat only runs on the weekend and the same for the Mystery Hole. Well go figure. So we're sittin' in the dark, at the Visitors Center at the Gorge waitin' fer' the video to start and someone touches Linda on the shoulder and says, "What are you doin' here?". Well at first she thinks it's these people that we had talked to at the campground and that we have been bumpin' into all day. Well it turns out to be Linda's cousin, Sandy and her husband Craig. We just left them in Pennsylvania less than two weeks ago. What a surprise, we were stunned, we've been off in the woods of eastern West Virginia's mountains and then BAM there's your family, what a small world. Seems Sandy & Craig decided they needed some time away from home so they drove down to the 'Gorge' area for a few days. What are the chances that they would be there at the same time as us? Well we talked a little and called cousin Bonnie, Sandy's sister to tell her our good fortune. We parted company as were going west and they north. Until the next time.





Hey Bonnie, Look who we found!




Well a short post today. See ya down the road as we're,

Dancin' on the Wind.

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