Thursday, October 28, 2010

Amity COE Campground, Alabama

Had a quiet restful night in the forest camp we chose. Only had one ‘drive thru’ shortly after we went to bed, kept a close eye on ‘em. Today someone in our party turned 60 so we had a breakfast of scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, bacon & toast with lots o’ coffee, and of course some of Gloria’s homemade grape jam. Durin’ ‘toast time in the mornin’ I was able to get online and upload yesterdays post. Go figur’ we have two phones, different carriers, NO SIGNAL, but we have cellular internet, and a pretty good signal at that ,deep in the Chattahoochee National Forest mountains.

After breakfast we broke camp and headed for next our destination, James H. ‘Sloppy’ Floyd State Park to check it out for a future camp hosting gig. Along the way we stopped fer’ fuel, $2.87/gal diesel then headed into the park.

We went to the Visitors Center and asked about future volunteering positions. The woman at the desk asked, “What time of year are you considering”? We told her sometime in the spring of the year. She told us she has someone steady from April-October, been there the last five years, but she’ll take someone for November-March. I asked why there is always a vacancy indicated on the state website. She said that the website was too difficult to update so she doesn’t. DUH! What the heck ya’ think it’s there for? She completely turned me off to the point that I could have cared less about lookin’ at the campground, stupid hick. Well we did do a drive thru, and the park & camp is very nice. That’s one thing Georgia does right, their parks are well designed and maintained. Even though they’re working with mountainous terrain they terrace and get the sites level. We were told at a West Virginia State park that the sites weren't level cause “We’re in the mountains here”. Ya got to bulldoze the sites to make ‘em, do it right! Anyway I don’t think we’ll be volunteerin’ at this park until the clerical staff changes.

We left Sloppy and headed south along US 27, follerin’ the west border of Georgia. Stopped fer’ lunch at a China One fer’ some General Tso and a quick trip to ‘Wally World’ fer some provisions. We planned on stoppin’ at a US Army Corps of Engineers Park on West Point Lake. Shafer Heard Campground is on the Georgia side of West Point Lake, but when we arrived the sign said it was closed fer’ the winter. “Closed fer’ the Winter”? It aint’ but October! so we moved further south crossed the Chattahoochee River into Alabama and backtracked north to another COE park, Amity Campground. West Point Lake is 37 miles long and has 535 miles of shoreline. Our site like all 96 sites is on the lake, no need to ask for a waterfront site. Here’s what it looks like out the back door.


Across the street this is the view.


We picked out our site then had to return to the gate to check in. When we returned to the campground these critters were startin’ to come out of the woods everywhere.


This young fella I mistakenly called a girl. He’s a little button buck.


This camp isn’t as cheap as last nights but at $22 electric & water with this scenery it’s worth it. Besides I’m gonna’ languish in the hot shower tonite.

Well gotta’ go for now. Tomorrow we hope to go to Georgia’s ‘Little Grand Canyon’ in Lumpkin. Hope to see ya down the road as we’re

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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