Saturday, October 2, 2010

Shazam’ Andy We’re in Mayberry

That’s right we’re right here in good ole Mayberry, NC home of Andy Taylor, Opie, Aunt Bee, Barney Fife, Gomer, Goober, Floyd, Emmett & Thelma Lou. We dropped in to Mt. Airy the home of Andy Griffith to see the sites and a many there are.
Our first stop was Floyds Barber shop,where we met Russell, today’s Floyd. Russell has owned and operated Floyds Barber Shop for 63 years, Talk about a long time. His walls are lined with pictures of customers & celebrities and he has more, 37,000 in all.
  Just a Little off the top Floyd, that’s all I can spare.
Time seems to stand still here in Mayberry, and at Floyd’s it seems to be goin’ backards.
After Floyd’s we walked on down the street a piece to see the Mayberry Courthouse. As our luck would go the courthouse was locked up. Lookin’ through the winder we saw where Otis spent many a night sleepin’ of his binge on a cot in his cell.
I darn near got to join him!
Next door was Wally’s Fillin’ Station, with no sign of Wally or Goober.
It was a unique visit to a unique town. Would I go back? You betcha!
The town was gearin’ up for their Autumn Leaf Festival and there were decorations everywhere on the streets.
      Look who’s tryin’ to blend in with the decorations.
Well that’s all fer now. The Mrs. says she wants to put in somethin’ bout the tour of the Siamese Twins home and I told her “Go head and you write ya’ the entry”. It interested her much more so than I. So you may or may not see an entry backdated to now and written by ‘the woman who takes care of me’.
As always hope to see ya down the raod as we’re;

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