Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mountain Colors

Boy oh boy. Ole’ Mother Nature  has really been turnin’ up the color in the trees in the last week. Linda & I traded in our Yukon rental for a smaller, more economical Chevy Cobalt & took a short drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway the other day. The mountain scenery is really grttin’ Bea…utiful! Some area in the upper elevations are already leaf-less, I think those areas are exposed to more wind. I was lookin’ through the pictures we took durin’ the drive and had a hard time choosin’ which to post here. Here’s a sample.
The afternoon was another one of those really clear days and the views were spectacular. This one is from the overlook at Yellow Face, elevation 5588’.
We took the turn-off for Balsam Mountain Campground but on the way up we noticed signs indicating it was closed. We had spoke with a ranger just last week that told us it was still open. This close to the end of season in the high country here, things can change fast. We had not been up here in several years and we came across a campground that we never knew was here.
The place is rustic, no hookups, but we will definitely be back here to camp. The sites are $18 a night but the views are worth that and more.
How’s this for a view from your site?
And this would be hard to look at from your window at breakfast!
Unfortunately the camp was closin’ on Sunday till next year so we’ll have to wait till then.
On another note I’d like to thank the new followers to the blog that we’ve acquired since we left on this latest trip, Scheslock, Anne Peterson, Ioan Magda & Cruzin2some. Thank you for joining RV-Anytimers. Any other readers are encouraged to become followers by followin’ this link to sign up. Don’t cost nothin’, you won’t get no email (other than a thank you maybe), just helps me to know how the readership is growin. Cause if it don’t keep growin’ ,then I need to do some changing. As always all comments are appreciated.
Well that’s all fer’ now. Hope to see ya down the road as we’re;

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Wayne and Maureen said...

I just came from my wifes site and followed you to your blog...great pictures of the blue ridge...I was born in the area so love the mountains...see ya