Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just Restin’

Well the company has gone home, they roamed around by their lonesome their last day. Went off to Maggie Valley while Linda & I took care of some shoppin’ and such.

When they returned, they had ate dinner, and we had eaten as well. Then it was time fer’ them to pack fer’ their return to PA. Sandy gave me the pictures she took and I’ve made a little slide show out of a collection of her pics.

They had the car packed and were ready to roll at 6AM Monday. We visited till bedtime and told them to wake us before they left. Never did hear Craig showerin’ in the next room. We were up around 5:20 and had a cup o’ joe with them before we said our goodbyes. At 6AM they were off for a long drive to Tionesta, PA.

Bye Sandy & Craig. We had a good time with ya’ and hope ya’ enjoyed yourselves'!

Well that’s all fer the episode of RV Anytimers! Hope to see ya down the road as we’re;

Oh Yeah! Almost forgot Sandy got Linda somethin’. She said “I know you won’t take anything, so I got ya’ this. WOW! Thats the BIGGEST apple I've ever seen!

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