Friday, October 29, 2010

Travel Day to Rood Creek COE Camp

We enjoyed our overnight visit to Amity Campground and did some walkin’ to explore a little in what was left of the day here. We walked along the lake shore pickin’ up rocks & driftwood, in the end they all were returned to the beaches they came from, cause we got bags and boxes of rocks from all over the US that we thought were really neat at the time, but are still sitting in those bags & boxes. Linda thought some of the rock formations along the shore was unique such as this.


When we finished walkin’ around the peninsula we were camping on, we started to collect some wood for a fire.


Linda made a dinner of Filet Mignon, baked potato, garlic bread in honor of my birthday, it was delicious. We ate to much and had to go for a brisk walk around the campground to counter the ‘Full Feelin’. I prepared the fire after finishin’ yesterdays blog entry. Then I enjoyed the fire cause Linda watched Grey’s Anatomy on TV, Thursday is her TV night when we have reception. So I had to take my own picture enjoyin’ my fire.100_8953 

Friday morning we had breakfast then broke camp, dumped the tanks and washed off the mud from the Chattahoochee Forest at the dump station, then moved on down the highway. Today we were headed to Providence Canyon State Park, still travelin’ south on US 27. After arrivin’ at the park and goin’ to the Visitors Center, which has been closed due to budget cuts, we decided to just go on down the road to the campground and relax fer’ the rest of the day. We’ll return to the canyon tomorrow.

Our camp today was another US Army Corp of Engineers park, bur FREE this time. Rood Creek was only 11 miles from the canyon and is located on a creek of Walter George Lake. They have 34 sites all on the creek, Pit toilets and a boat ramp. We got one of the last remainin’ sites. I was worried that huntin’ season might have started and the ‘Hunters’ might have taken over the camp, but they were mostly fishin’ folks in the camp. Here’s our site on the water.


Oh yeah I was gonna’ relax right. Well our generator kept dyin’ every time I started it. Never did find out what was wrong with it but it straightened out after tinkering with it for about an hour. It worked fine when we were in the forest day before yesterday, go figure. We did go for a stroll through the camp and met Wally & Judy, fulltimers for the last six years together and lovin’ it. Wally says he wouldn’t live life any other way and as most fulltimers say, they wish they had done it years earlier. They have a motor home and tow a fullsize pickup that carries his scooter. Judy has been a fulltimer since 1987 and she and Wally married after both their spouses passed away. Their rig is solar powered and he says they never run out of power. I spoke with both of them extensively, found them fascinating and could have spent the whole day talkin’ to them. For they have lived the life and made all the mistakes and gained the ‘knowledge’.

Oh yeah. Somethin’ else happened after we arrived, parked and opened the back door.


A Chinese Laundry attacked the camper as we were drivin’ down the road! Musta’ been that Chinese food we ate yesterday.

Well that’s all fer’ this episode, so I’ll see ya’ again next time. In the meantime we hope to see ya’ down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the Wind. 

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