Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Visitin’ with the "’Bama’ Folks

We stopped fer’ a few days at the Campground in Cataloochee Valley to see friends from Alabama. Danny & Joy come to camp & see the elk every year about this time. Joy had emailed us to say they were leavin’ home Saturday night & we figured they’d be here ASAP. Well they got to the camp so early they had to wait fer’ folks to vacate a site, so they could move in.
When we arrived they we’re all set up and we’re resting from travelin’ all night and settin’ up their camp. I think we woke them when we came around, me a yellin’ “Ho The Camp”! We soon were chattin’ and havin’ a good visit.
We met Danny & Joy about four years ago when we stopped here when returnin’ from our Alaska trip. We hit off a friendship and spent several days together both in camp and out watchin’ the elk herds. Since then we’ve met up here two other years.
We spent the next day sittin’ around camp feedin’ the fire visitin’ & tellin’ stories. We all had supper together that night under the canopy at their camp. Steaks & chicken were the on the menu.
We’re all bundled up cause the weather was mighty cold, high 20’s & low 30’s at night, 50’s durin’ the day and we had some showers durin’ the days we were their. We were still pretty comfy under Danny’s canopy with the lanterns and heater runnin’. Unfortunately the night ended early for us cause it started to pour down rain and we ran for our our own camp.
The next mornin’ we said our goodbyes to our friends, we were goin’ back to Bryson City and they were stayin’ on fer’ a few more days. But before we run off out ‘o’ the valley, we stopped to look fer’ some elk.
It ruttin’ season and the bulls are herdin’ up as many cows as they can get. They strut around keepin’ an eye on their harem tryin’ to maintain control. I guess them men aint’ realized they can’t control women. That’s like tryin’ push water up hill.
Caught this fella’ “Buglein”.
Well we’re off to our ‘Mountain Home’ so we’ll be seein’ ya’ at another time. Hope to see ya’ down the road as we’re;

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