Sunday, October 24, 2010

Still Waitin’ on GM


Well we’re still ‘storm stayed’ in NC waitin’ fer’ our truck to be repaired. The last time I called on Friday at 4PM I was told the part just came in, seeein’ as they quit workin’ at 5, I knew I'd be lookin’ at Monday. To bad they don’t work Saturday or we’d have left this place in the dust by Sunday. Now it’s not that I don’t like it here, but we’ve been here way to long when we should be out explorin’ elsewhere. Stuck like we are we can’t do no explorin’ period! Our time is windin’ down, Grandma’s missin’ the kids & grand youngin’s and the weather at home has moderated to the point that it’s safe to venture that a way.

The other day Linda & I did go fer’ a hike, actually it started as a walk but we went a lot farther than we anticipated and durn’, I didn’t have my camera. We ventured up the road towards where it comes to an end, then cut off an old roadbed goin’ up the mountainside. We went up, & up and soon came to a spot looked like someone made a house site years back the view wasn’t too shabby lookin’ over the next valley and the mountains in the distance. But before long we we’re headin’ up another old road goin’ further up the mountain. At the end of that road we come out on a gravel road, much newer or better maintained than the last few. We continued up and came to a Realtors sign listin’ the home site. The view here was much nicer as we were up much higher and you could see over lots o’ those trees that were blockin’ the view at the last stop. But the road continued up and we did as well, lookin’ fer ‘that perfect view. Soon we came to another sign and a spectacular view overlookin’ the Deep Creek valley and the mountain range beyond, just magnificent. I wanted to call and talk money right then, but alas that ‘NO SERVICE’ in the cell phone window saved me from myself. At this point I noticed we were traversing the ridge line on this road. To either side of the road the mountain dropped off and to have a lot here would mean goin’ lower on the mountainside and bulldozin’ out a flat spot. The views would definitely suffer then, so we walked on. We came to a few more lots before we reached the end of the road, but the views were not as captivating as the first two. That first one even had a place I could sneak in our fifth wheel, if I could pull it up the mountain. After standin’ & soakin’ up all the scenery our souls could hold & takin’ all the mental pictures we dared, we retraced our trail and went down the mountain. Even as I write about it I’d still like to wake up one mornin’ lookin’ out my dinin’ room winder’ at that gorgeous view. Oh well it’ll have to be another mountain, another day.

Gary, (our house guest) and I did rake some leaves and all the chestnut hulls we could get and burn them the other day. That’s the second time I done that since we arrived. Our neighbor Linda across the road said she rakes and burns about four or five times before the trees are done droppin’ ‘em.


Here’s her leaves burin’ in the ditch, with our little burned out fire in the foreground.

We’re sure hopin’ them fellers’ get our ride together tomorrow so we can move on. Well that’s all I got fer’ now maybe the next post will be from some new exotic location. OK just some new scenery would be nice.

Hope to see ya’ down the road as we’re:

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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